Cleadon Mill

Cleadon Mill

Shrouded in an air of mystery, on the highest part of Cleadon Hills, proudly sits one of our most prominent local landmarks. Built almost 200 years ago Cleadon Mill was one of over a hundred windmills in the North East of England, mostly scattered along the coast. This stone tower mill which sits 200 metres above sea level, is built from Magnesium Limestone and was built for the purpose of grinding corn, but it is believed that this was not the first windmill on this isolated spot. Following the devastation brought on by the black death in the fourteenth century a survey of the land was ordered by the then Bishop of Durham. Recordings of the survey found that bond tenants of Whitburn and Clevedon held the tenancy for a Windmill in Clevedon of which the exact location is not known. We can only assume that the current Mill was built within the original footprint as it was common for the same plot to be re-used.

A Blakey

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A Blakey | Cleadon Mill
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