Aberdeen Groynes

Aberdeen Groynes

Wooden Groynes at the beach in Aberdeen with their charesteristic 'pole' at the end of each one. Wooden groynes are an essential control to keep beaches stable. Although groynes can be made of many materials it is the UK’s wooden groynes that do the job but also add character to the environment. The purpose of a groyne is to stop sand and pebble movement along a stretch of coast. It does this by trapping beach material which helps build up a larger section of beach in front of an area that’s experiencing coastal erosion. They can often radically change a coastline and care must be taken and changes monitored as if you stop movement on one stretch of the beach then yes you build up one area but can starve another.

Liz Alderdice

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Liz Alderdice | Aberdeen Groynes
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