These beautiful wild flowers fill the air with a lovely scent during early summer as they spring up on woodland walks, country verges and wild areas. I first came across it several years ago and now have plenty of it in the garden. Used throughout history in the British Isles, this herb has been utilized for culinary, medicinal and magical properties bringing together a plant that has many uses. Indigo Herbs brings you this aromatic herb in the form of a pure Meadowsweet herbal tea. When brewing this tea you will be able to see for yourself why it has been described as having a smell quite a lot like marzipan or even antiseptic liquid. The name Meadowsweet comes from the fact that it was used as an additive in making of mead. Meadowsweet used to be called 'Medewurte' with the name slowly changing over time. The Druids ranked the herb as one of their most sacred using it ritually as well as medicinally.

Liz Alderdice

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Liz Alderdice | Meadowsweet
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