Poole Harbour

Phil Wareham | Boats at Sunset

Boats at Sunset

Part of the upper reaches of Poole Harbour where Rockley and Turlin Moor are bisected by the railway line from London to Weymouth. A sunset shot of one of the many boats in the bay, this one resting on the water's edge
Phil Wareham | Goathorn


Close to the entrance to Poole Harbour Goathorn Point looks out on Brownsea Island with Furzey, Long and Round Islands not far away.
Phil Wareham | Twin Sails Bridge

Twin Sails Bridge

Shot before sunrise from the shore of the Holes Bay section of Poole Harbour the Twin Sails Bridge. The bridge was opened in April 2012 and is the first of its type in the world
Phil Wareham | Harbour Moorings

Harbour Moorings

Two boats moored close to Cobbs Quay in the Holes Bay area of Poole Harbour.
Phil Wareham | Frome Sunrise

Frome Sunrise

A pre sunrise shot from the bridge across the River Frome in Wareham, Dorset The bridge marks the highest navigable point on the Frome as it empties into Poole Harbour
Phil Wareham | Misty Sunrise

Misty Sunrise

The River Frome from the bridge at sunrise with the mist hanging onto the river. A few ducks making their way across
Phil Wareham | Sandbanks Sunset

Sandbanks Sunset

The sun goes down over Poole Harbour and a landing stage close to the harbour entrance. Poole Harbour is one of the largest natural harbours in the world and the Sandbanks area one of the most expensive area to buy property
Phil Wareham | Ham Lake

Ham Lake

Part of Poole Harbour at Hamworthy known as Ham Lake. The harbour is one of the largest natural harbours in the world
Phil Wareham | Rockley Mooring

Rockley Mooring

Part of the upper reaches of Poole Harbour this bay at Turlin Moor has what is known as Rock Lea River running through it
Phil Wareham | Dawn at Shipstal

Dawn at Shipstal

Shipstal Point on the Arne Peninsula in Poole Harbour captured around sunrise with the Poole Ferry Terminal visible in the distance
Phil Wareham | Harbour Moorings

Harbour Moorings

Close to Lake Pier between Hamworthy and Rockley in Poole Harbour, some boats resting at their moorings in the area known as the Wareham Channel