• Hazel Wright
    View from Surprise View, Near Hathersage,
    View from the top of Surprise view near Hathersage in the Peak District, Derbyshire.
  • Roz Collins
    Angeiras Beach at Sunset
    Looking down one of the boardwalks across Angeiras Beach at Sunset. A family plays on the
  • Jean Fry
    The Walkhampton Valley - Dartmoor
    It is near the end of the day, and the mist is beginning to rise in the valley over
  • Colin Majury
    Annalongs Corn Mill
    A view of Annalongs Corn Mill with a small waterfall. Shot in a long exposure.
  • Steve Purnell
    Across The Bay
    Cardiff Bay played a major part in the development and success of Cardiff as an exporter

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South Breakwater, Aberdeen, Liz Alderdice


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Feather Tor - Dartmoor, Jean Fry