• Mary Fletcher
    Long Eared Owl (Asio otus)
    The long-eared owl is medium-sized owl, smaller in size than a woodpigeon. It often looks
  • Johan Swanepoel
    Gemsbok fight
    Intense fight between two male Gemsbok on dusty plains of Etosha
  • Pam Sargeant
    Stainess Steel Cutlery, arranged to reflect in an artistic and almost symmetrical way
  • Colin Allen
    Boathouse at Laugharne - Dylan Thomas
    The Boathouse is situated on the estuary at Laugharne, in which the poet Dylan Thomas
  • Steve Stamford
    The road ahead - panoramic
    Lonely road on the North Yorkshire moors complete with sheep, farm gate and lonely tree.

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Inside The Noodle Factory, Steve Purnell