Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions to all site users

We want Lens2Print to be open, friendly and fair to all. We therefore bring to both artists and visitors the following Terms & Conditions, which in continuing to use the site you agree to.

To All Users:-
The Lens2Print web site is offered 'as is'. Whilst it is our clear intention to maintain 100% availability you must accept that from time to time either for updates or outages beyond our control this may not happen and we will not accept liability for any claims arising from such outages.

The Lens2Print web site and everything it contains is copyright. The site itself is copyright of Lens2Print, all of the images on it to the respective artist who has submitted the work. This means that it is an offence to screen shot, save, copy or otherwise obtain images from the site other than purchasing from it.

We have a GDPR policy statement, but in short we keep only such details as essential to provide the service we offer and never sell or disclose that information other than is necessary for the operation of the site.

In providing your details to us you agree that we may contact you in order to discuss your images (artist) or order (customer).

Updates to Terms & Conditions
From time to time it may be necessary for our T&Cs to be updated. You are advised to periodically check to ensure you remain happy with them.

Legal dispute
Any legal dispute will be handled in England under English law.

To Buyers
Please be aware that there are countless computer monitors, printers, inks and all manner of other variables that may mean despite our best efforts the printed product colours may vary from those displayed on screen. This is something entirely out of our control and a result of the differing way a monitor displays images and a printer creates them.

Please note that artists’ images come in various shapes and sizes and the image(s) you have chosen may not exactly fit with the product dimensions so some cropping may be necessary to achieve an effective result which is a normal part of the creative process. Please check that the dimensions for the products you have ordered are suitable for the images chosen.

Your right to cancel
In line with the Consumer Contract Regulations 2014 . . .  "There are some orders where you won't have the right to cancel . . . .  These include items that are bespoke or personalised . . . "

We aim to provide a swift and efficient service - this means the delay between you ordering and the item being produced is very short. If you do need to cancel an order please inform us at the earliest opportunity - once it is in production we can not stop the process.

Delivery Charges
We currently only deliver within the UK, however if your order needs delivering to any other part of the world then please contact us to negotiate a method of dispatch prior to placing your order.
All items - delivery included.

Method of Payment 
We currently only accept payment via PayPal.
Buyers do not need a PayPal account to do this - it is possible to make a payment without holding an account.

Please check the parcel you receive before signing for it - if the packaging is damaged check the contents before signing - when you sign the courier's delivery confirmation you are stating the product has arrived in good condition. In the unlikely event of a claim we will not accept 'signed unchecked' or similar.
As each product is bespoke Lens2Print is not subject to Distance Selling Regulations. We will only accept returns if the product is faulty. 
In the unlikely event that your product is damaged please inform Lens2Print via email immediately, we will not accept any claims beyond 10 days of ordering. If your image does not arrive within 10 working days of ordering please inform Lens2Print via email as we will not accept any loss beyond this timescale.
If you do need to return a product please contact us first. We will provide you with a returns number that must be included.
Returns must be made in the original packaging in order to prevent further damage / degradation.

To Artists
The site is free to use up to and including 100 approved images, there is no joining fee. 100 plus images will be subject to an annual subscription of £10. You do not need to continue with a subscription on an annual basis providing your portfolio is reduced to the maximum of 100, but once paid it is non refundable for one year. You will be notified once 100 plus images have been uploaded & asked to pay the fee, if you choose not to pay the fee or remove any images, the oldest images will be removed on your behalf.

You accept that in posting images to the Lens2Print website that you:-

Understand images submitted will be subject to site approval. Not all images will be accepted and we will wherever possible provide a reason for an image being declined. Can we please ask you to read our submission guidelines document before using the site.

Have the legal right to do so - respect the copyright, trademarks and intellectual property rights of the respective holders.

Accept that you, the submitting artist are solely liable to meet the costs of any legal action, threatened or actual in the event of a claim against the image content by any person / organisation so entitled.

Will ensure your titles, descriptions and associated text will be both legal and accurate. We aim to decline images where these have been plagiarised from other sources.

Will not post any images that are pornographic, inflammatory, promote hate or discrimination or intrude on the privacy of others. The posting of such images may be illegal and could result in legal action being taken against you.

All images remain your copyright. However in order for the site to function you accept that in submitting an image you are assigning Lens2Print a non exclusive, non transferable licence that permits the use of your image on the Lens2Print website and social media to promote your work and the Lens2Print site.

Images accepted
We accept artistic nudes / boudoir, moderators will mark NSFW on approval. Please see our Submission Guidelines to understand how we make the distinction.

Composite images are accepted providing:-

  1. It is clearly obvious you have done a significant amount of work on them to create your image.
  2. You state the source URL of the files used - "Image available for free use" type statements are not acceptable - someone created that file and they deserve credit.
  3. That source permits commercial use of their original file.

We do not accept Public Domain images regardless of their copyright status.

Your details
In order for us to meet our obligations to HMRC we are required to keep accurate records and it is your responsibility to ensure these are kept up to date.

We make payments via PayPal - in order to be an artist on site you must have a PayPal account.

We aim to complete payments to artists by the end of the month following sale.

Leaving the site
Artists are free to leave the site at any time. We will, following the completion of any outstanding orders delete their portfolio. We must keep records in order to satisfy HMRC  but the portfolio deletion is permanent. Artists are free to re-join at a future date if they choose - but would need to re-load.

Removal of an artist from site
In the event of a disagreement between artist and Lens2Print we will try our utmost to reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion, however Lens2Print has and retains the right to close an account at its sole discretion. Outstanding payments will of course be completed.

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