Black and White

Phil Wareham | Winter Curves

Winter Curves

Skeletal trees in midwinter on the bank of the River Frome in Wareham, Dorset reflected on the river's calm surface with the arches of the bridge also reflected. This is the highest navigable point on the river from Poole Harbour
Phil Wareham | Fleet of Boats

Fleet of Boats

Fleet Lagoon near Weymouth in Dorset and some boats moored close to a dilapidated wooden jetty. Chesil Beach or Bank in the background
Phil Wareham | Running Water

Running Water

A jogger taking a dawn run along the beach between Sandbanks and Bournemouth crossing a small rivulet making its way down the beach to the sea
Phil Wareham | Needles and Pines

Needles and Pines

An abstract type shot of a part of a branch of a Scot's Pine tree, Pinus sylvestris, a tree that produces both male and female flowers.
Phil Wareham | Misty Mono Mountains

Misty Mono Mountains

Some of the mountains surrounding the northern part of Lake Garda partly shrouded with some low cloud. Captured from the promenade between Garda and Bardolino
Phil Wareham | Reflecting on Mogshade

Reflecting on Mogshade

A largely seasonal pond on Mogshade Hill in the New Forest National Park. Converted to black and white to enhance the reflections on the pond's surface