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Kaye Menner | Seashells and Bubbles

Seashells and Bubbles

A pair of red yellow cone shells in the shallow water at the beach, with the small sparkling bubbles from the last wave surrounding them.
Kaye Menner | Shells on Wood

Shells on Wood

A still life image of tropical seashells with a variety of patterns on an old plank of textured wood. The sides of the image are hessian as there was an old hessian bag lying underneath the plank of timber. I love anything to do with the beach, and shells have always been a fascination of mine with their intricate patterns and colors. They are so natural, and we can see them at the beach, on the seashore... and we can collect them to make our home a beachy style. Beach art on walls creates a lovely relaxed tropical atmosphere.
Kaye Menner | Seashell Collection - Collage

Seashell Collection - Collage

Due to the dimensions of this image, it is suitable for Prints and Mousemats only. I created this collage from a variety of my seashell photographs. The shells range from fairly common shells to some rare and poisonous shells with amazing colors, textures and patterns.
Kaye Menner | Shells of the Heart

Shells of the Heart

I created Shells of the Heart from some seashells I have collected and placed them in the shape of a heart on a grungy timber board background with a touch of sand. Photograph.
Kaye Menner | Shell Fish

Shell Fish

I created 'Shell Fish' from some seashells I placed in the shape of a fish on a grungy timber board background with a touch of sand.
Kaye Menner | Seashells and Lace

Seashells and Lace

Seashells on the sand on the seashore with a tiny wave approaching. The bubbles in the little wave just look like lace. Captured at Shelly Beach, mid north coast, New South Wales, Australia.
Kaye Menner | Seashell Wall Art 13 - Spiral Of Harpa Ventricosa

Seashell Wall Art 13 - Spiral Of Harpa Ventricosa

Intricate spiral of an unusual and rare sea shell, a ventral harp snail (Harpa ventricosa).
Kaye Menner | Harpa Ventricosa Shell Reflecting on Black

Harpa Ventricosa Shell Reflecting on Black

The beautiful tropical shell, Harpa ventricosa, a ventral harp snail, showing it's reflections on a black background. Class GASTROPODA ORTHOGASTROPODA Order NEOGASTROPODA SuperFamily MURICOIDEA Family HARPIDAE HARPINAE
Kaye Menner | Rope on Liquid Gold

Rope on Liquid Gold

Out fishing on the Hawkesbury River, New South Wales, Australia, these amazing color reflections from the late sun just had to be captured whilst the marine rope meandered in the water. The water just looked like liquid gold. The fish weren't biting, but these colors and effects on the water were worth capturing.