Devon and Somerset

Mary Fletcher | Sampford Peverell Canal

Sampford Peverell Canal

The Grand Western canal flows through the village of Sampford Peverell in Mid Devon, England. Its name reflects its inclusion in the Honour of Peverel, the lands of William Peverel and his family.
Mary Fletcher | Canalgate


Walking along the Great Western canal, near Sampford Peverell in mid Devon, I wondered why the farmer would put a gate leading into the canal….who knows?
Mary Fletcher | Ayshford Court

Ayshford Court

Ayshford Court is Grade II Listed Building in. It is situated near the banks of the Grand Western Canal and sports it’s own large chapel in the grounds. The manor house is divided into two houses. The main historic house was built by various members of the Ashford/Aysford family.
Mary Fletcher | Somerset Countryside

Somerset Countryside

Somerset is a beautiful rural county in the Sout WEst of the UK. It is widely know for growing apples for cider.
Mary Fletcher | Golden Rocks

Golden Rocks

A pair of granite rocks bask in the late winter sunshine on Dartmoor in Devon. Its craggy landscape is defined by forests, rivers, wetlands and tors (rock formations).
Mary Fletcher | Old Bridge Two Bridges

Old Bridge Two Bridges

A map dated 1765 suggests the origin of the name, for in those days the road crossed both the West Dart and the River Cowsic, just upstream from the point where they meet, and required two separate bridges. By 1891, these had disappeared and there was just a single bridge, further downstream, over the West Dart. Today, however, there are again two bridges on the site, because a more modern structure has been added alongside its earlier predecessor.
Mary Fletcher | Great Mis Tor

Great Mis Tor

Great Mis Tor Dartmoor, taken on a winters day.
Mary Fletcher | Canal Walk

Canal Walk

A beautiful and peaceful scene along the Grand Western Canal near Sampford Peverell, mid Devon.
Mary Fletcher | Delicate Dusting on Dartmoor

Delicate Dusting on Dartmoor

The sunlight hits the rolling hills of Dartmoor with a delicate dusting of snow. This barren moorland is an area of outstanding natural beauty.
Mary Fletcher | Dark Trees on Dartmoor

Dark Trees on Dartmoor

A wintery scene on Dartmoor. Dartmoor national park in Devon is home to a few wild ponies and sheep, but even they are hiding on this cold winters day
Mary Fletcher | Ancient and Modern

Ancient and Modern

Bristol harbour showing the diversity of the city with its old and modern architecture. Two boats are moored alongside the quay wall back to back. Bristol harbour is a very old harbour which is now home to modern sailing and pleasure vessels.
Mary Fletcher | Bagheera


Bagheera is one of the tourist boats at in Bristol harbour. Once a busy dock where sailors and merchants would trade goods and set sail for voyages of discovery, Bristol's Harbourside is now an attractive, modern development filled with restaurants, bars, shops and hotels.
Mary Fletcher | Noord Ster

Noord Ster

Once a busy dock where sailors and merchants would trade goods and set sail for voyages of discovery, Bristol's Harbourside is now an attractive, modern development filled with restaurants, bars, shops and hotels. Here the Noord Star is an old vessel moored agains the quay wall with a modern backdrop of a glass building housing a gym and offices.
Mary Fletcher | Severn Bridge

Severn Bridge

The Severn Bridge, is a motorway suspension bridge spanning the River Severn and River Wye between Aust, South Gloucestershire (just north of Bristol) in England, and Chepstow, Monmouthshire in South East Wales, via Beachley, Gloucestershire, a peninsula between the two rivers. It is the original Severn road crossing between England and Wales, and took three-and-a-half years to construct at a cost of £8 million. It replaced the Aust ferry. The bridge was opened on 8 September 1966, by Queen Elizabeth II, who hailed it as the dawn of a new economic era for South Wales. The bridge was granted Grade I listed status on 26 November 1999.
Mary Fletcher | Clovelly Devon

Clovelly Devon

Clovelly Estate is home to the Rous family and has been for over 400 years. From Elizabethan times until today, it has remained in private ownership. Consequently this has helped preserve its originality and atmosphere. The village remains a fully functioning working fishing village, clinging to a 400 foot cliff, overlooking Bideford Bay. It has no vehicular traffic on its steeply cobbled street, just donkeys and sledges. Donkeys used to be the main form of transport for centuries. These days the main role for them is to give children rides during the summer or posing for photographs in the street, whilst enjoying their retirement. The man-powered sledges transport all goods to and from the village, from groceries to furniture. Moving house in the village is a very demanding proposition. This might partly explain the generations of families that are living here today.
Mary Fletcher | Clovelly Devon

Clovelly Devon

Clovelly is a small Devon village perched high above the ocean, right on the edge of a cliff. The streets are all cobbled and they wend their way down to the tiny harbour, a slippery slope of stepped streets.
Mary Fletcher | Lake Reflections

Lake Reflections

Beautiful reflections of trees in a small lake in Somerset.