Insects and Flowers

Kris Ohlsson | Adult Dragonfly at Rest

Adult Dragonfly at Rest

This Dragonfly was found resting on the reeds, overlooking a natural lake situated on the grounds of the Oare Gunpowder Works which after many years of being abandoned has now been opened as a tourist attraction. Many fascinating species of insects and birds can be found here all year round
Kris Ohlsson | Bouganvillea Flowering

Bouganvillea Flowering

A single bouganvillea flowering with a softened backdrop, bouganvillea is a suprisingly hardy climbing plant and can survive in very high temperatures. This one was taken in Crete
Kris Ohlsson | Fresh Lime

Fresh Lime

3 Limes growing on a tree, The green of the fruit really stands out on the black and white background
Kris Ohlsson | A Dead Agave

A Dead Agave

This is the dead flower bloom of an Agave plant, closely related to Aloe Vera the plants have similar appearances although Agaves are monocarpic meaning that they die after flowering once. This can take up to 30-40 years to happen.
Kris Ohlsson | Olive Wood

Olive Wood

The twisted weaving patterns of an old olive tree, As olive trees age and grow they spin to twist the trunk of the tree, this is to improve water retention but mainly it helps to strengthen the tree against breakage