Sand and Sea

Mary Fletcher | Voidokilia Beach

Voidokilia Beach

This beautiful beach is situated on the Western Coast of mainland Greece.
Mary Fletcher | Voidokilia Beach

Voidokilia Beach

Voidokilia Beach is a popular beach in Messinia in the Mediterranean area. In the shape of the Greek letter omega (Ω), its sand forms a semicircular strip of dunes. On the land-facing side of the strip of dunes is Gialova Lagoon, an important bird habitat. The beach has been named A Place of Particular Natural Beauty. It is part of a Natura 2000 protected area.
Mary Fletcher | Blue Aegean

Blue Aegean

The beautiful blue of the Aegean sea is really reflected in this image, the sun’s rays adding to the beauty.
Mary Fletcher | The Dyfi Estuary

The Dyfi Estuary

A stunning view of the River Dyfi taken from Ynyslas, the picturesque village of Aberdyfi (Aberdovey) nestles below the rolling Welsh hills.
Mary Fletcher | Tenby North Beach

Tenby North Beach

This sandy, picturesque beach features Goskar rock.
Mary Fletcher | Tenby


Tenby harbour at low water. Tenby is a poular tourist destination in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. The colourful houses on the seafront are very much a part of the beauty of this quaint town. The old lifeboat station with its bright red roof is now a holiday home
Mary Fletcher | St Catherine's Island, Tenby

St Catherine's Island, Tenby

St Catherine's Island is a small tidal island linked to Tenby in Pembrokeshire, Wales, by Castle beach at low tide. The island, which is known colloquially as St Catherine's Rock, is the location of St Catherine's Fort.
Mary Fletcher | Shipwreck!


The rusty remains of a shipwreck at Place beach near St Mawes, Cornwall. Once a thriving port, now a secret beach.
Mary Fletcher | Red and Yellow Boat

Red and Yellow Boat

A small red and yellow dinghy on the beach at Mylor Yacht Harbour. Cornwall. The harbour is basking in sunshine after a heavy shower of rain.
Mary Fletcher | Godrevy


Godrevy Lighthouse was built in 1858–1859. The Stones reef had always been a hazard to shipping and a lighthouse had been considered many times prior to 1858 but nothing came of plans until the SS Nile was wrecked on 11 November 1854, with the loss of all on board. The lighthouse is a white octagonal tower, 86 feet high and made of rubble, stone and mortar.
Mary Fletcher | Porth Nanven

Porth Nanven

Porth Nanvan is one of the most photograhed coves in Cornwall. The pebbles are protected and may not be removed.
Mary Fletcher | Storm Clouds Gather

Storm Clouds Gather

Dark skies hang over the sea as the last of the sunlight hits the white waves on the North coast of Cornwall
Mary Fletcher | Black Pebble

Black Pebble

This shiny black pebble really stood out on a sandy beach on the North coast of Cornwall.
Mary Fletcher | Sennen Beach

Sennen Beach

Sennen beach is close to the small fishing village of Sennen Cove near Land’s End in Cornwall. The beach is a popular surfing beach.
Mary Fletcher | The Island

The Island

Just a few meters off the British coast near Newquay in Cornwell, lies the tiny Towan island. Perched at the top of this 80 feet high rocky island is a charming cottage that is accessible via a 100 feet long suspension bridge, the only privately owned suspension bridge in Great Britain. Originally a Victorian tea room, the building was converted into a three-bedroom Edwardian house in the 1930s. Since then it has been home to various lords and aristocratic couples including the son of physicist Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge, inventor of the spark plug. When the last owner Lord Viscount Long sold the property in 2012, it was converted into a holiday home that is being offered for rent. The property is since called The House in The Sea.
Mary Fletcher | The Beach at Bude

The Beach at Bude

Summerleaze Beach Bude, is ideal for bathing in the summer and dog walking in the winter. In this image you can see the large cafe, Lifes a Beach, and the blue beach huts below. Summerleaze is also an unusually interesting beach with a large breakwater complete with tower protecting a small harbour and the mouth of the Bude canal with its massive lock gates. On the opposite side of the beach there's a sea-water bathing pool making for safe bathing whatever the conditions. Backing onto the beach are grassy downs and the River Neet.
Mary Fletcher | Green Tender, Pink Buoy

Green Tender, Pink Buoy

A small geen wooden tender sits on a mooring waiting for the tide to come in in Bude. The mother ship is out fishing.
Mary Fletcher | Low Tide at Bude

Low Tide at Bude

Bude is a popular tourist resort in North Cornwall.
Mary Fletcher | Ancient Shipwreck

Ancient Shipwreck

This is all that remains of a large ship which was wrecked centuries ago in St Mawes Harbour and ended up of the beach at Place.
Mary Fletcher | Red Kyak

Red Kyak

A red fishing kyak lying ashore on the tiny beach beside the old lifeboat station at Lizard Point, Cornwall, on an unusually calm evening.
Mary Fletcher | Surfers on Polzeath Beach

Surfers on Polzeath Beach

Surfers and walkers alike enjoying a beautfiul blustery day on Polzeath Beach in Cornwall.
Mary Fletcher | Black Humphrey Rock

Black Humphrey Rock

Whipsiderry beach is sheltered, surrounded by cliffs and has numerous rock pools and caves to explore. A large island known as Black Humphrey Rock or Flory Island stands in the middle of the beach. It has its own small cave, probably the result of it being mined for its ore in the past. It is believed to be named after the notorious smuggler, who is thought to have lived here in the old mine workings until his death in the early 19th century. At high tide as in this image the beach reduces to a tiny stretch of sand. Thrift or Sea Pink grows abundantly on the cliff edges.
Mary Fletcher | Dreamy seas and hard rocks

Dreamy seas and hard rocks

An image taken on St Agnes beach, Cornwall. The slow shutterspeed softens the swirling sea and highlights the granite rocks where moluscs cling.
Mary Fletcher | Polzeath, Cornwall

Polzeath, Cornwall

Polzeath is a popular tourist destination, also visited by David Cameron and his family. Here you can see New Polzeath on the left side, the large surf friendly beach in the middle and Polzeath itself sprawling out over the hill.
Mary Fletcher | Jersey Beach

Jersey Beach

A beach in Jersey, Channel Islands taken during a brisk winters walk A digital painting of one of my own images.
Mary Fletcher | Porthluney Cove Beach

Porthluney Cove Beach

Wonderful waves off Porthluney beach, Caerhays Cornwall. The gulls are enjoying the fun!
Mary Fletcher | Two Eggs

Two Eggs

Porth Nanven is a rocky beach near St Just, Cornwall. There are some huge egg shaped boulders which have been moulded smooth by years of the sea punding them. It is strictly forbidden to remove any of these stones from this beach.
Mary Fletcher | St Mawes in winter

St Mawes in winter

St mawes, Cornwall is apopular tourist destination in Cornwall. It is a beautiful town with very narrow streets and quaint thatched cottages. This image is a digital painting of one of my original photographs
Mary Fletcher | Ship & Castle Hotel, St Mawes

Ship & Castle Hotel, St Mawes

The Ship & Castle Hotel sits right on the waterfront overlooking the small harbour of St. Mawes, Cornwall. St Mawes is a popular tourist destination and a great place to visit if you’re holidaying in Cornwall.
Mary Fletcher | Porthoustock Beach

Porthoustock Beach

This beach is dominated by a disused mill, which you can see to the left of the image, aggregates are still quarried nearby. Porthoustock lies on the Eastern side of the Lizard peninsular.
Mary Fletcher | Porthallow to Falmouth

Porthallow to Falmouth

Porthallow beach looking towards Falmouth. Porthallow’s Beach is fairly sheltered as it is set on the eastern side of the Lizard Peninsular, away from the prevailing South Westerly winds
Mary Fletcher | Red Boat Porthallow

Red Boat Porthallow

A smalll red fishing boat ashore on the beach at Porthallow. The beach is made up of pebbles and is sheltered from the prevailing south westerly winds.
Mary Fletcher | Sea, Sky and Sand

Sea, Sky and Sand

An abstract image of sky, sea and sand on the right are the dark shadows of rocks.
Mary Fletcher |  Lone Surfer

Lone Surfer

A lone surfer walks down the beach to the sea, painterly effect added.
Mary Fletcher | High and Dry

High and Dry

A small fishing boat sits pateintly waiting for the tide to come in at the entrance to Bude harbour, North Cornwall
Mary Fletcher | Polzeath Beach, Cornwall

Polzeath Beach, Cornwall

Polzeath beach at low tide. This is a very popular beach for surfers.
Mary Fletcher | Polzeath Beach

Polzeath Beach

A view of the Northern end of Polzeath Beach in Cornwall looking towards Pentire Head. The tide is low and the surf is up, the clouds leaving their reflection in the wet sand.
Mary Fletcher | The Rock and The Wave

The Rock and The Wave

A large wave kicks up and mimics a rock nearby. This image is taken from Pentire Beach on the North Cornwall coast.
Mary Fletcher | Golden Hour

Golden Hour

An image of the sea at the golden hour, the gold is reflected on the sand. This image has been deliberately blurred to create a dreamy effect.
Mary Fletcher | Grand Pier, Teignmouth

Grand Pier, Teignmouth

Teignmouth Pier was built in 1865 by Joseph Wilson, an engineering consultant from London. Sadly it is need of some restoration these days.
Mary Fletcher | Maidencombe Beach

Maidencombe Beach

Maidencombe beach is a small sandy beach surrounded by red sandstone cliffs and at low tide interesting rock pools are exposed. Maidencombe lies just a few miles north of Babbacombe and is well within reach of Torquay Town.
Mary Fletcher | Shaldon to Teignmouth

Shaldon to Teignmouth

The Shaldon to Teignmouth ferry provides an essential link for the residents of both towns. Here you can see it departing Shaldon on a rainy day with just one passenger on board, in the background are some of the houses of Teignmouth.