The Mage

Steve Stamford | The mage

The mage

Stern looking male in a black robe, carrying a large staff and lantern.
Steve Stamford | Turn the tide

Turn the tide

The Mage stands in the sea, staff aglow and held aloft to the moon whose light casts a faint glow across the receding waters. A fantasy image created from 2 of my original photographs and digital effects entirely of my own creation.
Steve Stamford | Drawing down the storm

Drawing down the storm

The Mage is a mystical person whose influence with man, beast and nature is far reaching. A spell conjuring lightning is not to be undertaken lightly. This is a composite image with all parts created by me.
Steve Stamford | Mage amongst the rocks

Mage amongst the rocks

The Mage stands alone, resting upon his staff against a backdrop of fissured slate.
Steve Stamford | Show me the future

Show me the future

The Mage with crystal ball, mono image with colour pop for the Mage.
Steve Stamford | The Mage in the doorway

The Mage in the doorway

Another in The Mage series from me blending images to achieve the final result.
Steve Stamford | Doorway at St Edwards

Doorway at St Edwards

Saint Edward's church in Stow on the Wold is reputedly meant to have been the inspiration behind Tolkein's Doors of Durin. Tolkien did live in the area so maybe an element of truth exists in this.
Steve Stamford | Welcome to the tunnel

Welcome to the tunnel

The Mage invites you to explore the dark and eerie depths of an abandoned tunnel network. A blend of 2 original images and a lot of digital pokery