kelvin rumsby | gull.jpg


profile of a gull
kelvin rumsby | kestrel.jpg


hovering male Kestrel
kelvin rumsby | feed a friend.jpg

feed a friend.jpg

a female black bird trying to feed an artificial croc
kelvin rumsby | Robin sketch

Robin sketch

a sketch of a robin
kelvin rumsby | pink lover

pink lover

a pink loving blackbird at eden project, cornwall
kelvin rumsby | escape the storm

escape the storm

a gull flying to escape the approaching storm
kelvin rumsby | blackbird


male blackbird on garden spade handle
kelvin rumsby | white faced whistling duck

white faced whistling duck

a close up of a whistling duck
kelvin rumsby | hovering kestrel

hovering kestrel

a sketch of a hovering kestrel
kelvin rumsby | flying gull

flying gull

a gull flying in blue sky
kelvin rumsby | cock pheasant

cock pheasant

a pheasant looking round for the sound
kelvin rumsby | marabou stork

marabou stork

marabou stork landing in Kenya, Africa
kelvin rumsby | african superb starling

african superb starling

a wild African superb starling in Kenya
kelvin rumsby | loving myself

loving myself

a superb starling admiring itself in a mirror
kelvin rumsby | partridge


portrait of a wild partridge
kelvin rumsby | common buzzard in flight

common buzzard in flight

a common buzzard swooping
kelvin rumsby | pekin robin

pekin robin

a pekin robin in a glass house
kelvin rumsby | male house sparrow.jpg

male house sparrow.jpg

male house sparrow on plant
kelvin rumsby | red crested turaco

red crested turaco

a red crested turaco profile
kelvin rumsby | calling herring gull

calling herring gull

a herring gull calling
kelvin rumsby | yellow weaver

yellow weaver

a yellow weaver on perch
kelvin rumsby | great tit

great tit

great tit on a stone
kelvin rumsby | flamingo portrait

flamingo portrait

a portrait of a flamingo in Gran canaria
kelvin rumsby | chaffinch


a male chaffinch in garden
kelvin rumsby | ice cold

ice cold

a combo of 2 photos and original graphics, all my own work
kelvin rumsby | American goldfinches

American goldfinches

Three American goldfinches together in Paradise Park, Cornwall
kelvin rumsby | eagle owl

eagle owl

a portrait of an eagle owl
kelvin rumsby | goldfinch


goldfinch with blue background
kelvin rumsby | Barn Owl

Barn Owl

a barn owl looking round
kelvin rumsby | blackbird2


a proud looking blackbird on grass
kelvin rumsby | blackbird3


another blackbird on grass
kelvin rumsby | twins maybe?

twins maybe?

a large female chaffinch on an Eden project pink chair
kelvin rumsby | female mallard duck

female mallard duck

a female mallard duck approaching
kelvin rumsby | alert


a robin on alert
kelvin rumsby | crowned crane

crowned crane

a crowned crane in Gran Canaria
kelvin rumsby | top robin

top robin

a robin on perch in garden
kelvin rumsby | posted robin

posted robin

a robin on a post
kelvin rumsby | chaffinch 3

chaffinch 3

a chaffinch on a table
kelvin rumsby | blue tit

blue tit

a blue tit on a branch
kelvin rumsby | mallard shake

mallard shake

a mallard shaking off water
kelvin rumsby | hen pheasant

hen pheasant

a hen pheasant in thick brush
kelvin rumsby | Great grey owl (Strix nebulosa lapponica)

Great grey owl (Strix nebulosa lapponica)

a great grey owl portrait
kelvin rumsby | white naped crane

white naped crane

portrait of a white naped crane
kelvin rumsby | EMU portrait

EMU portrait

a portrait of an Australian emu
kelvin rumsby | hamercop


an African hamercop
kelvin rumsby | great grey owl2

great grey owl2

portrait of a great grey owl
kelvin rumsby | swan on lake

swan on lake

a swan chased on a lake by model boats
kelvin rumsby | weaver bird

weaver bird

weaver with nesting material
kelvin rumsby | angry barn owl

angry barn owl

a barn owl hissing with anger
kelvin rumsby | bad feather day

bad feather day

a very windy day for the poor thing
kelvin rumsby | mallard male duck

mallard male duck

a colourful male mallard duck swimming on a pond
kelvin rumsby | Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

a portrait of a bald eagle against a blue sky
kelvin rumsby | great tit2

great tit2

a great tit on a copper pipe
kelvin rumsby | domestic geese

domestic geese

a pair of domestic geese by a pond
kelvin rumsby | mallard male portrait

mallard male portrait

a portrait of a male mallard duck
kelvin rumsby | bald eagle2

bald eagle2

a bald eagle portrait
kelvin rumsby | chaffinch 2

chaffinch 2

a chaffinch in the garden
kelvin rumsby | in full swing

in full swing

a robin singing
kelvin rumsby | blackbird on twig

blackbird on twig

a blackbird on a v shaped twig
kelvin rumsby | angry owl

angry owl

an angry looking eagle owl
kelvin rumsby | master gander

master gander

a master gander rules his females
kelvin rumsby | pied wagtail in water

pied wagtail in water

a pied wagtail getting wet in a pond
kelvin rumsby | kestrel2


a male kestrel hovering over a cliff looking for prey
kelvin rumsby | robin close up

robin close up

a close up shot of a robin in a tree
kelvin rumsby | dunnock


a dunnock on barbed wire
kelvin rumsby | wind blown

wind blown

a wind blown robin on a twig
kelvin rumsby | snowy owl portrait

snowy owl portrait

a portrait of a snowy owl
kelvin rumsby | male house sparrow2

male house sparrow2

a male house sparrow on a branch
kelvin rumsby | old hen

old hen

an old white Sussex hen close up
kelvin rumsby | white faced whistling duck profile

white faced whistling duck profile

a profile of a white faced whistling duck
kelvin rumsby | robin on post

robin on post

a robin on a post in the garden
kelvin rumsby | collared dove

collared dove

collared dove on branch
kelvin rumsby | Pheasant


Male pheasant in woods
kelvin rumsby | bearded tit

bearded tit

a bearded tit on a twig
kelvin rumsby | herring gull

herring gull

herring gull portrait
kelvin rumsby | rook portrait

rook portrait

a close up of a rook
kelvin rumsby | male eider duck

male eider duck

a male eider duck head shot
kelvin rumsby | posted bluetit

posted bluetit

a bluetit on a post
kelvin rumsby | Exotic duck

Exotic duck

an exotic duck by the pond
kelvin rumsby | display king

display king

a peacock in display