Jennifer Higgs | Mist On The Water

Mist On The Water

This picture was taken on a stormy, overcast day at Priest cove in Cornwall. A long exposure with ND filters lends the sea an eerie, misty quality, which perfectly matches the moody sky in the background.
Jennifer Higgs | The Forth Rail Bridge

The Forth Rail Bridge

The Forth Bridge is a cantilever railway bridge in Scotland, spanning the Firth of Forth. It connects Edinburgh, at Queensferry, to Fife, at North Queensferry. This picture shows the bridge at sunset, with the beautiful pinks in the sky being picked up by the glassy appearance of the water.
Jennifer Higgs | The Old Boat House

The Old Boat House

Anyone who is familiar with Edinburgh will probably know this boat house tucked away on the canal near Harrison Park. On the autumn day when this picture was taken, the water was still, and long exposure photography resulted in these beautiful reflection. The abandoned rowing boats, the boat house and the bridge together compliment each other in this stunning picture.
Jennifer Higgs | Ocean Sunset Dream

Ocean Sunset Dream

This is an image taken of the sunset over La Gomera, shot from the western coast of Tenerife, both of which are islands in the Canaries. A motion blur has been applied to give the image a soft, surreal feeling, almost dream-like in quality, and the image was a long exposure using ND graduated filters
Jennifer Higgs | Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm

Looking out to sea at Porth Nanven, on the west coast of Cornwall. The stream which travels the whole length of the valley can be seen gently spilling around a large rock and feeding into the sea, as threatening storm clouds can be seen gathering in the distance.
Jennifer Higgs | Priest's Cove

Priest's Cove

Sweeping coastal photo taken at Priest's Cove, Cornwall, showing a craggy beach at low tide. On the right up on a hill is Cape Cornwall, and on the horizons are the two rocky outcrops called The Brisons.
Jennifer Higgs | Footprints


This beautiful beach in Normandy, France, with gloriously turquoise waters under a blue sky with fluffy white clouds, has only a pair of footprints marking the otherwise virgin sand.
Jennifer Higgs | The Night Sky

The Night Sky

This picture shows the beautiful milky way in the night sky in coastal Normandy, France. Due to the long exposure needed to capture the detail in the sky, the small clouds can be seen as wisps just gently covering some of the stars. The milky way is only visible in the northern hemisphere for a few months of the year, so capturing it on a clear, moonless night is no mean feat!