Sunrises and Sunsets

Kaye Menner | Harbour Bridge Sunset

Harbour Bridge Sunset

Returning early evening on a ferry to Circular Quay in Sydney, a beautiful sunset was displayed for all on board. The sun flare was gorgeous and bright, almost ready to set under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It cast its golden light onto the water in the foreground and the wash from the ferry. The sky was mystical and moody leaving us wondering what the weather may bring tomorrow. A beautiful end to a wonderful day.
Kaye Menner | Pink Sunrise Panorama

Pink Sunrise Panorama

I captured this pretty pink panoramic sunrise image on 13th Nov 2014 at Bronte Beach, Sydney. Although it was a hazy sunrise, the colors and reflections of the rising sun just for those few special minutes were so beautiful and make the trip so worthwhile.
Kaye Menner | Sunset Reflections 2 - Luna Park Sydney

Sunset Reflections 2 - Luna Park Sydney

Photograph of the infamous Luna Park in Sydney Australia at golden hour showing its reflections and the sunset sky in the harbour / harbor. I captured this image towards the end of the festivities of the Australian Navy Centenary in October, 2013.
Kaye Menner | Sunrise Reflecting

Sunrise Reflecting

A vivid sunrise over the Pacific Ocean, Bronte Beach, Sydney. The sky was an amazing red with the golden sun peeking through and reflecting onto the wet sand.
Kaye Menner | Rock Formations at Sunset - Palm Beach

Rock Formations at Sunset - Palm Beach

Amazing rock formations at sunset at Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia. The colors at golden hour were magnificent perhaps magnified or contrasted by the light and shadows created by the setting sun. The cracks or fissures in the rock platform reminded me of tram tracks or train tracks. I just love nature.
Kaye Menner | Rope on Liquid Gold

Rope on Liquid Gold

Out fishing on the Hawkesbury River, New South Wales, Australia, these amazing color reflections from the late sun just had to be captured whilst the marine rope meandered in the water. The water just looked like liquid gold. The fish weren't biting, but these colors and effects on the water were worth capturing.
Kaye Menner | Cloudy Sunset Panorama 2

Cloudy Sunset Panorama 2

An amazing sunset cloud image panorama that I captured from the 9th floor of the hospital in Sydney where I stayed for an operation just before Christmas 2020. Being up so high allowed to view more of a sunset than what we can normally see in Sydney. The clouds were just fascinating and filled with light and color. The view made my hospital stay worthwhile.