Mary Fletcher | St Georg Church, Widdig

St Georg Church, Widdig

Widdig is located in the center of Cologne Bay , between the two cities of Cologne and Bonn . It borders in the east directly on the left bank of the Rhine. The present church was built in 1928 as a replacement for the previous one which had suffered floods from the Rhine
Mary Fletcher | Mondorf Ferry

Mondorf Ferry

There are car ferries such as this one at Mondorf, all down the banks of the Rhine. The River is wide and these car ferries save drivers many miles of travelling if they were to drive over the nearest bridge. Bridges over the Rhine tend to be concentrated in the urban areas.
Mary Fletcher | Boat on the banks of the Rhine

Boat on the banks of the Rhine

A lovely old Rhine barge moored alongside the banks of the Rhine. Many of these vessels are lived on by the locals.
Mary Fletcher | Tributary on the Rhine

Tributary on the Rhine

The Rhine is the longest river of Germany and is fed by a large number of tributaries. Some of these are major and some, like the one prictured here is just small, many of the smaller tributaries of the Rhine lead into small “marinas” or “havens” for local boats
Mary Fletcher | Konigswinter


The small town of Konisgswinter lies beneath the Castle of Konigswinter or Schloss Drachenburg.It is a private villa in palace style constructed in the late 19th century. It was completed in only two years on the Drachenfels hill. Baron Stephan von Sarter, a broker and banker, planned to live there, but never did. Drachenfels, Castle Ruins are above.
Mary Fletcher | Manouk


Manouk, a Dutch barge, passing underneath the Vleutensespoorbrug Bridge on her way down the Rhine from Amsterdam with her cargo.