Susan Tinsley | Through the woods

Through the woods

An autumn walk through the woods of the Fairy Glen in Parbold,Lancashire on a foggy morning with a hint of colour filtering through.
Susan Tinsley | Fairy Glen exit

Fairy Glen exit

The wooded Fairy Glen in Parbold, Lancashire during a misty morning has the exit silhouetted against a tree in the mist. The shape making it look like a ladder to climb the tree.
Susan Tinsley | Trickling stream

Trickling stream

A trickling stream runs through the Fairy Glen in Parbold, Lancashire. The Autumn leaves have fallen to carpet the ground in yellows and golds.
Susan Tinsley | Fairy Glen

Fairy Glen

The woods at the Fairy Glen in Parbold during Autumn with a golden carpet of leaves on the ground and a hint of mist through the trees.
Susan Tinsley | Meresands woodland

Meresands woodland

Woodland at Meresands nature reserve in Rufford as the sun was setting low in the sky and filtering through the trees lighting up the autumn leaves.
Susan Tinsley | Fforest Fields woodland

Fforest Fields woodland

A man and his dog walks through leafy woodland near Builth Wells in Wales. The woods are connected to Fforest Fields camp site and leads to higher levels of the hillside.
Susan Tinsley | Casting shadows

Casting shadows

The sun filters through the trees at Formby Pinewoods on Merseyside. A nature reserve set among the sand dunes of Formby where red squirrels can be seen.