Canal life

Susan Tinsley | Narrowboat passing through

Narrowboat passing through

A narrowboat passing through a lock in Scarisbrick on the Leeds/Liverpool canal heading towards the canal side pub. The image has been given a sketch effect as though the viewer was sitting on the bank with paper and pencil.
Susan Tinsley | Turning to rust

Turning to rust

A narrowboat moored on the bank of the Leed/Liverpool canal in Scarisbrick is turning to rust after being neglected.
Susan Tinsley | Old barge

Old barge

An old barge used for transporting goods or heavy machinery makes it's way down the Leeds/Liverpool canal near Burscough,Lancashire.A sign of bygone times when goods were transported to mills during a time when the canals were bustling with industrial activity.
Susan Tinsley | Canal at sunset

Canal at sunset

The Leeds/Liverpool canal at sunset when a storm was brewing near Scarisbrick, Lancashire.
Susan Tinsley | Under the bridge

Under the bridge

Under the bridge along the Leeds/Liverpool canal towards Halsall in Lancashire you can catch a glimpse of the Saracens Head pub reflected in the calm water.
Susan Tinsley | Walking the towpath

Walking the towpath

A lady walks the towpath of the Leeds/Liverpool canal near Scarisbrick, Lancashire away from a rainbow created during a rain shower.
Susan Tinsley | The Wool Boat

The Wool Boat

The familiar sight of the Wool Boat making it's way down the Leeds/Liverpool canal inBurscough, Lancashire. It's a sign of the lifestyle of narrowboaters on the canal selling their wares.
Susan Tinsley | Sunset on the canal

Sunset on the canal

A sunset on the canal in Lancashire with a hint of a rainbow in the distance, The Leeds/Liverpool canal shows refections in the water and moorings are sited near Scarisbrick towards Burscough in West Lancashire.