The Night Sky

Susan Snow | The Moon

The Moon

The 94% Moon taken on the 9th December 2019.
Susan Snow | Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon

A beautiful crescent Moon taken on 18th April 2018.
Susan Snow | Quadrantids Shooting Star

Quadrantids Shooting Star

This meteor came from the north west direction at 12.37am on 4th January 2020.
Susan Snow | Daytime Moon

Daytime Moon

85% illuminated Moon on the 4th April 2020.
Susan Snow | Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse

The Total solar eclipse on 21st August 2017 with Solar Prominences visible (Dubbed the Great American solar eclipse).
Susan Snow | The Moon Rising above Cleeve Hill

The Moon Rising above Cleeve Hill

May's Full 'Flower' Moon rising above Cleeve Hill. The Moon reached perigee on 5th May (the point in its orbit where it is closest to Earth). Because perigee was only two days before the full moon, it is sometime referred to as a Supermoon.
Susan Snow | The International Space Station

The International Space Station

A 40 second long exposure of the International Space Station passing over Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham on 27th May 2020 at 10:57pm.
Susan Snow | Strawberry Full Moon

Strawberry Full Moon

The Strawberry full Moon taken just before 1am on the 6th June 2020. June's full Moon is sometimes known as the Strawberry Moon because strawberries are harvested in June in North America.
Susan Snow | Colour in the Moon

Colour in the Moon

This photograph was taken using a DSLR connected to a Celestron telescope. It shows the true colours of the 34% Moon on 28th May 2020.
Susan Snow | Cloudy Moon Rise

Cloudy Moon Rise

The Moon rising behind the clouds over Cleeve Hill on 12th January 2020.