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Mary Fletcher | Porth Nanven

Porth Nanven

Porth Nanven is a popular location for photographers on the Southern tip of Cornwall. Here the Atlantic waves shape the coastline and smooth the huge pebbles on the beach.
Mary Fletcher | Wave Explosion

Wave Explosion

A wave literally explodes on the beach at Porth Nanven, Cornwall
Mary Fletcher | The Great Porthleven Storm

The Great Porthleven Storm

An enormous wave engulfs the beach at Porthleven and reaches unprecendented heights. Porthleven frequently bears the brunt of the North Atlantic storms.
Mary Fletcher | Porthleven Storm

Porthleven Storm

Enormous seas batter Porthleven in a storm.
Mary Fletcher | St Anthony Head Lighthouse

St Anthony Head Lighthouse

St Anthony Head lighthouse stands at the entrance to Falmouth Harbour and warns ships of the dangers of this rugged coastline.
Mary Fletcher | Dramatic Coast

Dramatic Coast

Taken from Poldhu Beach this photograph captures the drama of waves crashing against the rocks and cliffs of Cornwall’s rugged coastline. The sun’s rays add drama to this scene.
Mary Fletcher | Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

The iconic trees on the A30 as you come into Cornwall over the Devon border.
Mary Fletcher | Gathering Storm Clouds

Gathering Storm Clouds

A stunning shot of storm clouds gathering over St Ives Bay in Cornwall.
Mary Fletcher | Tallship Tecla

Tallship Tecla

The Tecla was once build as herring drifter. A fishing vessel that would roam the North Sea for weeks on end to fill her hull with barrels of herring. The Tecla was build in 1915 as a ketch sailing ship, build without engine or other propulsion except her sails. The Tecla fished for 5 years and survived the first world war when many fishing vessel came to an end by bombing. But in 1920 she was layed-up and neglected.
Mary Fletcher | The Wave

The Wave

A spectacular wave hits the harbour wall at Portreath, Cornwall. This area it popular with surfers…not today!
Mary Fletcher | Cape Cornwall and Brisons Rocks

Cape Cornwall and Brisons Rocks

A simple black and white digital painting of one of my original photographs.
Mary Fletcher | Gateway to Dartmoor

Gateway to Dartmoor

Taken from a small farm track near Minions, you can see right across to Dartmoor, in the middle ground is the bright colour of a rusty corrugated iron roofed barn
Mary Fletcher | Dramatic Cornwall

Dramatic Cornwall

Cornwall has one of the most dramatic coastlines in the United Kingdom. Pictured here is the view from Pendeen lighthouse looking towards the old mine workings of Geevor. The spray is being whipped up by a strong winter wind coming off the Atlantic.
Mary Fletcher | Arthur at Goonhilly

Arthur at Goonhilly

Goonhilly Earth Stations first dish, Antenna One (dubbed Arthur), was built in 1962 to link with Telstar. It was the first open parabolic design and is 85 feet in diameter and weighs 1,118 tonnes. After Pleumeur-Bo dou Ground Station (Brittany) which received the first live transatlantic television broadcasts from the United States via the Telstar satellite at 0H47 GMT on 11 July 1962, Arthur received his first video in the middle of the same day. It is now a Grade II listed structure and is therefore protected.
Mary Fletcher | Hartswell Heavy Haulage

Hartswell Heavy Haulage

Hartswell Heavy Haulage is a Burrell traction engine restored to it former glory, Photograph taken at Stithians Showground during the steam rally 2015.
Mary Fletcher | Dramatic Lake District

Dramatic Lake District

Dramatic skies are a common feature of the Lake District, here the sun was out, but the skies threatened rain. The weather can change very quickly here.
Mary Fletcher | Falmouth from Flushing

Falmouth from Flushing

A moody image of Falmouth taken from the fishing village of Flushing, Cornwall.
Mary Fletcher | Falmouth Harbour

Falmouth Harbour

Falmouth harbour is a busy place in the heart of Cornwall. Yachts sit on moorings overloooked by the pretty townhouses.
Mary Fletcher | Portreath,Cornwall


Portreath Beach is known for it’s spectacular seas. The cliffs around it are steep and the waves hit with the full force of the Atlantic.
Mary Fletcher | St Ives, Cornwall

St Ives, Cornwall

St Ives in Cornwall is a very popular tourist destination. The tiny harbour is home to a number of small boats.