Mary Fletcher | Famagusta Cyprus

Famagusta Cyprus

Famagusta Ghost City, Ammochostos is nowadays an abandoned area with no life at all. The once perceived as cosmopolitan town, full of energy and potential, has now turned into a dead zone. Four decades ago, time froze in the coastal Cypriot district of Varosha. Eggs were still boiling on hot stovetops. Children's toys remained strewn across living-room floors. Clothes were left on their hangers inside brimming closets, a testament to the thousands of lives that were abandoned in an instant. Greek Cypriots thought it was a temporary measure when the Turkish military ordered them out of their homes in Varosha, a district of the city of Famagusta, in the summer of 1974. But 42 years have since come and gone, and Varosha remains a ghost town - a hulking blight that towers over the Mediterranean seascape. Empty apartment windows gaze out over families playing beach volleyball, while barbed-wire fencing cuts a swath across the sand, patrolled by armed soldiers.
Mary Fletcher | Old Mill in Cyprus

Old Mill in Cyprus

There are many of these old and disused mills littering the countryside in Cyprus.