Mary Fletcher | A Class Road Roller.

A Class Road Roller.

Built to special order of Thomas Turner, Bradworthy, Devon and fitted with many features not usually found on a roller, including compensating gear, balanced crank, rope winding drum and fairleads, swing fire door and extended bunker.
Mary Fletcher | Cornish Tin and Gold

Cornish Tin and Gold

Two cart horses pull an old fashioned cart along a country lane in Cornwall.
Mary Fletcher | Hartswell Heavy Haulage

Hartswell Heavy Haulage

Hartswell Heavy Haulage is a Burrell traction engine restored to it former glory.
Mary Fletcher | Ultimate


Ultimate is Marshall Road Roller and has been lovingly restored by her present owneres.
Mary Fletcher | The Secret Door

The Secret Door

Where does this beautiful old door lead?
Mary Fletcher | The Pheasant Inn

The Pheasant Inn

An old red pillar box standing outside The Pheasant Inn.
Mary Fletcher | Remember These...

Remember These...

Chocolate and cigarette vending machines hanging on a wall.
Mary Fletcher | Prometheus


Prometheus is an old steam engine and part of the Eddisons steam rolling company.