Mike Carroll | Rock bridge and Reynisfjara, southern Iceland

Rock bridge and Reynisfjara, southern Iceland

The black rock of southern Iceland looking towards Reynisfjara in the distance. Taken looking over a rock bridge near Dyrholar.
Mike Carroll | Kirkjufellfoss waterfalls in a gale

Kirkjufellfoss waterfalls in a gale

Sheets of spray blow upwards as gale force winds hit the Kirkjufellfoss waterfalls in western Iceland
Mike Carroll | Waterfall in slow motion

Waterfall in slow motion

Long exposure shot of part of a waterfall near Grundafjordur in the Snaefellsnes peninsula in South-west Iceland
Mike Carroll | Harpa sunset reflections

Harpa sunset reflections

A spectacular sunset is reflected in the windows of the Harpa concert in Reykjavik, Iceland
Mike Carroll | Skogafoss Waterfall, Iceland

Skogafoss Waterfall, Iceland

Tourists wear wet weather gear to approach the foot of the 62 metre Skogafoss waterfall in Southern Iceland
Mike Carroll | Reynisfjara Rock Stacks

Reynisfjara Rock Stacks

Waves crash against the rock stacks at the black-sand beach of Reynisfjara in southern Iceland
Mike Carroll | King of the Wreck

King of the Wreck

Man poses on top of the wreckage of an American DC-3 aircraft that ran out of fuel and crashed on the beach at Solheimsandur, southern Iceland, in 1973
Mike Carroll | Bruarfoss Waterfall

Bruarfoss Waterfall

The blue waters of Bruarfoss waterfall in Iceland on. Spring day
Mike Carroll | Stormy day at Kirkjufell, south-west Iceland

Stormy day at Kirkjufell, south-west Iceland

Waterfalls near the iconic Kirkjufell mountain in South-west Iceland ar buffeted by gale force spring winds
Mike Carroll | Reykjavik harbour sunset

Reykjavik harbour sunset

Spectacular colours as the sun sets over the old harbour in Reykjavik, Iceland