Kris Ohlsson | Rochers De Naye - Looking over France

Rochers De Naye - Looking over France

A view of the lower altitude French Alps from the peak of Rochers De Naye in Stwitzerland
Kris Ohlsson | Rochers De Naye

Rochers De Naye

Looking back towards Switzerland from the peak of Rochers De Naye in late march. The snowy mountains are popular for snowboarders and skiers, the peak can only be accessed in winter via a funicular that carries you up 2000m from the city on Montreux
Kris Ohlsson | Flowers and Mountains

Flowers and Mountains

Flowers planted along the boardwalk in Montreux, Switzerland. The background comprised of Lake Geneva and in the distance, the Swiss Alps
Kris Ohlsson | Swiss Mountains

Swiss Mountains

Part way up a mountain in Switzerland, Taken from a cog driven train high above Montreux
Kris Ohlsson | Swiss Poppy

Swiss Poppy

Poppies planted by Lake Geneva with the Swiss Alps visable in the background
Kris Ohlsson | Chateau De Chillon

Chateau De Chillon

Chateau de Chillon in Montreux, Switzerland is an Island Castle build roughly around 1005 by the Romans as an outpost for protecting the alpine trade routes. It has been expanded over the years but retains all its charm and is a popular sightseeing location for tourists.