Mary Fletcher | Discovery Sculpture.

Discovery Sculpture.

This sculpture in town celebrates the work of Professors Watson and Crick who discovered the double helix structure of DNA which was a building block to many scientific and medical developments. Crick was born in Northampton and was a pupil in town before undertaking doctoral research and later working at the University of Cambridge.
Mary Fletcher | Passing through Pitsford Sidings

Passing through Pitsford Sidings

A digital painting of a steam train passing through Pitsford Sidings on the Brampston Valley way steam railway.
Mary Fletcher | Pitsford Sidings signal box

Pitsford Sidings signal box

Brampton Valley Way passing Pitsford Sidings The Northampton & Lamport Railway, operates over a short stretch of the former railway which ran between Northampton and Market Harborough. The heritage rail line shares the route with the Brampton Valley Way, which runs alongside.
Mary Fletcher | The National Lift Tower

The National Lift Tower

The National Lift Tower in Northampton, was built to test and research lifts. It was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 12 November 1982. It has been a Grade II Listed Building since 1997. Northampton Borough Council has now granted approval for it to be used up to 24 times a year for abseiling.
Mary Fletcher | G T Hawkins

G T Hawkins

THE historic GT Hawkins factory finally closed its doors after 120 years of trading in 1995, and has been empty ever since. At its peak, GT Hawkins was well known as a bootmaker to the Queen, and was first awarded a Royal Warrant in 1976. Princess Anne wore a pair of Hawkins’ boots when she rode at the Montreal Olympics that year and in 1982, the firm’s footwear was used by British troops in the Falklands. Previously they were worn by the country’s soldiers serving in the Boer and Korean Wars.
Mary Fletcher | Wathen Wigg Foot Bridge

Wathen Wigg Foot Bridge

Wathen Wigg Foot Bridge spans over the River Nene in Northampton, UK. The footbridge opened in 2005. It is named after Rev Samuel Wathen Wigg who is credited with founding the Northampton Saints Rugby Club when, as the curate at St James Parish Church, he took the boys' improvement class and started a rugby team called Northampton St James which later became known as “the Saints”. The bridge is painted in the club colours.