Trains, Boats and Planes

Mike Carroll | Mirror Image

Mirror Image

Two Pitts Special Aircraft of the TRIG Aerobatic Team perform a manoeuvre during an air show at Duxford
Mike Carroll | Spitfire Mk1A

Spitfire Mk1A

Spitfire Mk1A N3200 was ditched in the sea near Calais in May 1940. It was recovered in 1986 and restoration was completed in 2014, since when it ahs been based at the IWM, Duxford, Cambridgeshire.
Mike Carroll | Sea King Air-Sea Rescue

Sea King Air-Sea Rescue

An RAF Sea King helicopter gives a demonstration of air-sea rescue techniques at an air-show at IWM Duxford, Cambridgeshire
Mike Carroll | de Havilland Dragon Rapide

de Havilland Dragon Rapide

The de Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide was a 1930s short-haul biplane airliner developed and produced by British aircraft company de Havilland. Capable of accommodating 6–8 passengers, This example is still in use today for pleasure flights
Mike Carroll | Sopwith Triplane

Sopwith Triplane

The Sopwith Triplane was a British single seat fighter aircraft designed and manufactured by the Sopwith Aviation Company during the First World War. It was the first military triplane to see operational service.
Mike Carroll | Tiger Moth

Tiger Moth

The de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth is a 1930s British biplane designed by Geoffrey de Havilland and built by the de Havilland Aircraft Company. It was operated by the Royal Air Force and many other operators as a primary trainer aircraft from 1931 until 1959. This example is shown landing at IWM Duxford.
Mike Carroll | PBY Catalina lands at IWM Duxford

PBY Catalina lands at IWM Duxford

The Consolidated PBY Catalina flying boat was a mainstay of the US Air-Sea Rescue force during World War II.
Mike Carroll | Ready to Go

Ready to Go

Schools class locomotive Repton prepares to depart from Pickering Station on the North Yorks Moors Railway
Mike Carroll | Omaha near Goathland on the NYMR

Omaha near Goathland on the NYMR

Locomotive Omaha hauls a train towards Goathland Station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway
Mike Carroll | On the beach

On the beach

Abandoned fishing boat and equipment on Dungeness beach in Kent
Mike Carroll | Hard Aground

Hard Aground

Derelict fishing boat abandoned on the shingle beach at Dungeness, Kent
Mike Carroll | High and dry

High and dry

Old boat beached in the mud at Morston Quay in Norfolk
Mike Carroll | Beached boats

Beached boats

This pair of old boats has been high and dry on the beach at Aldeburgh, Suffolk, for as long as I can remember. Their state of repair may indicate that they are no longer in use …...
Mike Carroll | Beached Aldeburgh Fishing Boats

Beached Aldeburgh Fishing Boats

These boats have been high and dry on the beach at Aldeburgh, Suffolk, for as long as I can remember. I am not sure whether they are ever used ……...
Mike Carroll | Rusty boat detail

Rusty boat detail

Close-up of the bow of an old boat at Morston Quay, Norfolk
Mike Carroll | Spitfire take-off

Spitfire take-off

A WW2 Spitfire fighter takes off from Duxford airfield
Mike Carroll | Diving out of the loop

Diving out of the loop

A Supermarine Spitfire in D-Day paint dives out of a loop over IWM Duxford
Mike Carroll | Sunset sortie

Sunset sortie

A pilot gets into the cockpit of a 1970's Lightning fighter jet
Mike Carroll | Lockhead C130 Hercules

Lockhead C130 Hercules

A USAF Hercules transport plane on landing approach at RAF Lakenheath
Mike Carroll | USAF F-15c Eagle

USAF F-15c Eagle

McDonnell-Douglas F15c Eagle fighter on landing approach
Mike Carroll | Repton about to leave Whitby

Repton about to leave Whitby

The locomotive Repton prepares to haul a train out of Whitby station on the North Yorks Moors Railway
Mike Carroll | Steam Traction ENgine

Steam Traction ENgine

…. at the Malton Traction Engine show, September 2019
Mike Carroll | Happy landings

Happy landings

Hot Air Balloon about to land in the Dordogne region of France
Mike Carroll | Blackwater Wreck

Blackwater Wreck

Old wrecked boat in the mud of the River Blackwater at Maldon, Essex
Mike Carroll | Blue Mermaid

Blue Mermaid

The Thames Barge Blue Mermaid at Heybridge, Essex
Mike Carroll | Boat Graveyard, Pin Mill, Suffolk

Boat Graveyard, Pin Mill, Suffolk

Abandoned and decaying boats on the River Orwell at Pin Mill near Ipswich. There are many house boats and abandoned wrecks on a short stretch of the river near the village.
Mike Carroll | Grounded yacht

Grounded yacht

Yacht CK224 aground in the River Blackwater at low tide