Sunrise and Sunset

Mary Fletcher | Red, Red Wine

Red, Red Wine

A glass of red wine with a Mediterranean sunset behind.
Mary Fletcher | Stormy Seas at Sunset

Stormy Seas at Sunset

This shot was taken at Cape Cornwall shortly after a big storm hit the Cornish coast. The seas were crashing onto the rocks as the sun went down, a passing seagull in the distance avoids the waves!
Mary Fletcher | Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the Wind

Taken in Ammothines, Messina, Greece as the sun went down over the sea after a glorious, but windy day.
Mary Fletcher | Sunset and Waves

Sunset and Waves

A beautiful sunset over the sea with the remnants of a storm at Cape Cornwall.
Mary Fletcher | Peace at Sunset

Peace at Sunset

A beautiful Cornish sunset, blurred to produce a peaceful effect with a calm sea.
Mary Fletcher |  Fishing Boat at Sunset

Fishing Boat at Sunset

This Greek fishing boat was taken just before the sun went down, I particularly liked the sun shining through the glass.
Mary Fletcher | Sundowner


A glass of red wine taken with the sun going down behind it.
Mary Fletcher | Sunrise on The Rhine

Sunrise on The Rhine

A beautiful sunrise over a silhouette of a bridge on the River Rhine, en route from Boppard to Dusseldorf in Germany.
Mary Fletcher | African Sunset

African Sunset

The iconic acacia tree at sunset in Kenya, East Africa
Mary Fletcher | Olive tree Silhouette

Olive tree Silhouette

Silhouette of an olive tree taken in the Troudos mountains in Cyprus as the sun went down.
Mary Fletcher | Boats off Mombasa

Boats off Mombasa

Two boats moored of a beach in Mombasa. This shot taken as the sun goes down over the ocean and silhouettes the boats.
Mary Fletcher | Evening on the Mooring

Evening on the Mooring

A fishing boat lying on her mooring silhouetted by an African sunset. This is a digital painting of one of my own original photographs taken in Mombassa, East Africa.
Mary Fletcher | Peaceful Sunset

Peaceful Sunset

A beautiful rural sunset taken on a calm evening in winter. A smooth painterly effect has been added to enhance the image.
Mary Fletcher | Winter Trees

Winter Trees

Taken on a beautiful misty morning in Cornwall during the winter, just before sunrise.
Mary Fletcher | Sunset over Mounts Bay

Sunset over Mounts Bay

A winter sunset over Mounts Bay in Cornwall with Penzance in the distance.
Mary Fletcher | Elephant


A large African elephant silhouetted against the setting sun. This is a composite of two of my own images.
Mary Fletcher | Stonehenge Sunset

Stonehenge Sunset

A beautiful image of the sun setting behind the ancient stones of Stonehenge, one of Britains most famous monuments. This image was taken from public land with a long lens.
Mary Fletcher | The Girl with the Camera

The Girl with the Camera

A young girl takes images of a beautiful sunset in Portugal.
Mary Fletcher | Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset

A group of people gather at the furthest Southerly point of Europe’s mainland in Portugal to watch the sunset as the fog rolls in.
Mary Fletcher | End of the Day

End of the Day

This beautiful sunset was captured over rural Shropshire in the UK.
Mary Fletcher | Cornish Sunset

Cornish Sunset

Sunset and sea image deliberately blurred to create a calming effect.
Mary Fletcher | Golden Hour

Golden Hour

An image of the sea at the golden hour, the gold is reflected on the sand. This image has been deliberately blurred to create a dreamy effect.
Mary Fletcher | Lonely Ship

Lonely Ship

A ship sails on the horizon on the South Coast of Cornwall at sunset.
Mary Fletcher | Sunset over Kynance Cove

Sunset over Kynance Cove

A beautiful sunset over the famous rocks at Kynance Cove, Cornwall. Kynance Cove lies two miles along the South-West Coast Path from the Lizard Point in Cornwall, and is renowned for the distinctive rocks that form its dramatic cliff scenery.
Mary Fletcher | Home to Roost

Home to Roost

A flock of birds flying over the sea to go home to roost. This is a composite image of two of my own original photographs.
Mary Fletcher | Red sky in the Morning

Red sky in the Morning

A stunning sunrise over the Carrick Roads, taken on private land from the top of Devoran.
Mary Fletcher | Dawn Breaks

Dawn Breaks

Dawn breaking over the Carrick Roads, in the distance St Anthony Head lighthouse can be seen guiding the ships along with the green navigation buoys in the Bay
Mary Fletcher | Big Red Sky

Big Red Sky

A big red sky over the Carrick Roads one early winter's morning.
Mary Fletcher | Stunning Cornish Sunrise

Stunning Cornish Sunrise

Yes, it's real, this is what we were treated to early one cold Cornish winter morning.
Mary Fletcher | Dawn in Cornwall

Dawn in Cornwall

A stunning sunrise taken from private land above the Carrick Roads one very cold December morning.