Susan Tinsley | Serene swan

Serene swan

The majestic elegance of a serene swan as it floats on the lake in Hesketh Park,Southport. Given a Van Gogh painted look.
Susan Tinsley | Waiting heron

Waiting heron

A heron at Botanic Gardens, Southport waiting and watching from a high vantage point up a tree.
Susan Tinsley | Feast in floral surroundings

Feast in floral surroundings

A squirrel enjoys a feast of nuts among the floral surroundings of the spring crocuses at Botanic Gardens in Southport,Merseyside.
Susan Tinsley | Intense squirrel

Intense squirrel

A squirrel looks intensely but doesn't move among the crocuses as if he is waiting for something at Botanic Gardens in Southport, Merseyside.
Susan Tinsley | Fluffy ducklings

Fluffy ducklings

A brood of fluffy ducklings huddle together on the bank of the Leeds/Liverpool canal in Burscough, Lancashire.
Susan Tinsley | No Fishing

No Fishing

A heron lands on a landing stage to look for fish in the lake at Hesketh Park, Southport beside a No Fishing sign. The rule obviously doesn't apply to herons!
Susan Tinsley | Grazing deer

Grazing deer

Deer grazing at Dunham Massey deer park in Cheshire on a frosty winter morning.
Susan Tinsley | Deer among the ferns

Deer among the ferns

A deer walks among the dead frosted ferns in England. The wintry scene casts different shades of colour left behind from autumn.