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Mike Carroll | Winter Tree in the Snow

Winter Tree in the Snow

A farmland Oak tree in a winter snowstorm
Mike Carroll | Country Snowstorm

Country Snowstorm

Snow falls on Hertfordshire farmlands
Mike Carroll | Icicles


Icicles in a roadside hedgerow during the freeze
Mike Carroll | Farm Gates

Farm Gates

Hertfordshire Farm entrance in winter snow
Mike Carroll | Winter window

Winter window

Window in a country cottage in need of decoration
Mike Carroll | Magnificent Buzzard

Magnificent Buzzard

Common Buzzard (Buteo Buteo) soaring in the skies above Hertfordshire
Mike Carroll | Spring frolics

Spring frolics

Young lambs play on a Hertfordshire hillside
Mike Carroll | Heads down, grub up

Heads down, grub up

Young lambs eating grass on a Hertfordshire farm
Mike Carroll | Spring Lambs

Spring Lambs

Two young lambs on a Hertfordshire farm
Mike Carroll | Spring lamb

Spring lamb

Young spring lamb on Hertfordshire farm