Water's Edge

Janet Burdon | Dawn Light On Ullswater

Dawn Light On Ullswater

The light of an autumn dawn illuminates the calm waters of Ullswater and surrounding fells.
Janet Burdon | Autumn Reflection, Brothers Water

Autumn Reflection, Brothers Water

Early morning mist clearing and revealing a stunning reflection of Hartsop in the calm waters of Brothers Water on a glorious autumn morning.
Janet Burdon | Saltburn Blues

Saltburn Blues

Saltburn pier captured at high tide
Janet Burdon | Rhum from Laig Bay

Rhum from Laig Bay

Our first day on Eigg the sky was a little overcast, but it’s remarkable just how much light gets reflected into the scene when you’re near water. The overcast sky has produced a soft, restful image but I have deliberately taken it even further towards being a limited colour palette image in post-production.
Janet Burdon | Sunset at Toe Head

Sunset at Toe Head

A spectacular sunset over Toe Head captured from the side of Loch Scarista. This was the first time we had seen the sun on this particular week on the Isle of Harris.
Janet Burdon | Seilebost Bay

Seilebost Bay

Seilebost Bay on the Isle of Harris on a late summer's afternoon
Janet Burdon | Twilight Glow, Whitby

Twilight Glow, Whitby

A winter sunrise over Whitby harbour
Janet Burdon | Whitby Harbour Reflections

Whitby Harbour Reflections

The lights of Whitby reflected in the calm waters of the inner harbour
Janet Burdon | Morning Mist, Ullswater

Morning Mist, Ullswater

Norfolk island in the middle of Ullswater just emerging from the early morning mist on a cold autumnal morning.
Janet Burdon | Pilgrim's Way #2

Pilgrim's Way #2

I'd been wanting to capture these posts looking back towards the mainland from Holy Island for some time, but the opportunity finally came when we were staying on the island for a few days. We were due a high tide around sunset, then just before sunset cloud descended on the horizon and blocked out the sun, but that little splash of light just gave this minimalist scene that certain something that made it work for me.
Janet Burdon | Last Light On St. Cwyfan's Church

Last Light On St. Cwyfan's Church

A slightly abstract version of St. Cwyfan's Church. St Cwyfan's Church on the small tidal island of Cribinau, it is popularly known as the "Church in the Sea". The church dates from the 12th century, with some renovations made in the 19th century.