Janet Burdon | Sailing through  the Icefjord

Sailing through the Icefjord

Icebergs in the Kangia icefjord, Ilulissat, west Greenland
Janet Burdon | Flakstad Bay

Flakstad Bay

The cold, but crystal clear air of Flakstad Bay with the mountains of Hustinden in the background.
Janet Burdon | Kangia Iceberg

Kangia Iceberg

An immense iceberg calves into Disko Bay near the town of Ilulissat in west Greenland. The glacier extends for 60km before calving huge icebergs the size of Manhattan into Disco Bay. The iceberg that sank the Titanic is reputed to have come from the Kangia glacier.
Janet Burdon | Sunrise Over Olstind

Sunrise Over Olstind

The cool dawn light gives way to a warmer, more orange light, giving Olstind and the village of Reine a warm morning glow.
Janet Burdon | Artic Dawn Over Reine

Artic Dawn Over Reine

The light of a winter dawn illuminates Mount Olstind on the Lofoten Isles with the pretty village of Reine in the foreground. The quality of light in the Arctic circle in winter has to seen to be believed!