Mary Fletcher | La Corbière lighthouse

La Corbière lighthouse

The iconic La Corbière lighthouse in Jersey, it’s not just the architecture of this striking white lighthouse that draws the eye. It’s also the location - towering over Jersey’s south western corner, flanked by rocks and reached by a causeway. Stormwatcher and sentinel, it stands through the island’s sunsets and weathers the Atlantic storms. A digital painting of one of my original images.
Mary Fletcher | Pendeen Light

Pendeen Light

Pendeen light stands on the North Coast of Cornwall and has warned mariners of the dangerous waters around it for many years.
Mary Fletcher | Pendeen Lighthouse

Pendeen Lighthouse

Pendeen lighthouse with its iconic, mary fetcherand very loud fog horns stands on the Penwith Heritage Coast in West Cornwall. It was built in 1891.
Mary Fletcher | Pendeen Lighthouse

Pendeen Lighthouse

Pendeen Watch lighthouse has been guiding ships through this area for over a hundred years, its fairly squat white tower measuring 17 metres. Built at the turn of the 19th century, much of the rocky outcrop of the headland had to be removed to accommodate the lighthouse, fog horn and keepers’ cottages.
Mary Fletcher | Wave at Godrevy Lighthouse

Wave at Godrevy Lighthouse

Godrevy lighthouse was made famous by Virginia Woolfe in her novel 'To the Lighthouse', though she places it elsewhere in the book. This, the focus of her inspiration, stands on the diminutive and rocky but pretty Godrevy Island, at the centre of a circular grassy area enclosed by a low stone wall. In stormy weather the island is exposed to the full fury of the Atlantic and it exists to warn passing vessels of the dangers of the Stones reef which stretches from Godrevy island in the direction of the town of St Ives.
Mary Fletcher | St Anthony Head Lighthouse

St Anthony Head Lighthouse

St Anthony's Lighthouse is a lighthouse situated on St Anthony Head, on the eastern side of the entrance to Falmouth harbour, Cornwall, UK. The harbour is also known as Carrick Roads and is one of the largest natural harbours in the world.
Mary Fletcher | Pendeen Lighthouse

Pendeen Lighthouse

Pendeen Lighthouse was built by Trinity House in 1900 to guide vessels around the inhospitable shoreline from Pendeen to Gurnards Head, it became automated in 1995. From Cape Cornwall the coast runs NE by E towards the Wra, or Three Stone Oar, off Pendeen. From here the inhospitable shore continues for a further eight miles or so to the Western entrance of St. Ives Bay, the principal feature here being the Gurnards Head, on which many ships have come to grief.
Mary Fletcher | Godrevy Lighthouse

Godrevy Lighthouse

Godrevy Lighthouse was built in 1858–1859 on Godrevy Island in St Ives Bay, Cornwall. Standing approximately 300 metres off Godrevy Head, it marks the Stones reef, which has been a hazard to shipping for centuries