Mike Carroll | Grey squirrel in winter

Grey squirrel in winter

January shot of a grey squirrel at Hatfield Forest in Essex
Mike Carroll | Sheep in the Grass

Sheep in the Grass

A Yorkshire black faced sheep stares warily at the photographer
Mike Carroll | Nit picking

Nit picking

Jackdaw removing parasites from a pair of Sable Antelope
Mike Carroll | Resting Stag

Resting Stag

Fallow Deer stag near Holkham in Norfolk
Mike Carroll | Fallow Deer Stag

Fallow Deer Stag

Fallow Deer stag in the deer park at Holkham Hall, Norfolk
Mike Carroll | Scout - Maine Coon Cross Cat

Scout - Maine Coon Cross Cat

Scout is one of my daughter's two Maine Coon Cross cats
Mike Carroll | South American Puma

South American Puma

The Puma, or Cougar is one of South America's largest cats
Mike Carroll | Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer

A Fallow Deer Stag and his harem at the Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire
Mike Carroll | Wolf stretch

Wolf stretch

An Iberian wolf at A zoo in Kent
Mike Carroll | Stag in the Grass

Stag in the Grass

Fallow Deer Stag resting at Dagnam Park, Essex
Mike Carroll | Nuts


Grey Squirrel with Acorn at Dagnam Park, Essex
Mike Carroll | Giraffe dinner time

Giraffe dinner time

Close up of a Giraffe feeding
Mike Carroll | Elephants eye

Elephants eye

A close-up shot of the eye of an African elephant
Mike Carroll | Ear ear

Ear ear

Close-up of the ear of an African White Rhino. Not suitable as a canvas.
Mike Carroll | Stand off

Stand off

Face off between timid African White Rhino and aggressive Wildebeeste
Mike Carroll | King of the Jungle

King of the Jungle

A majestic lion in close-up
Mike Carroll | Hungry lioness

Hungry lioness

Lioness licks her lips
Mike Carroll | Rhino on alert

Rhino on alert

White rhino close-up, B&W
Mike Carroll | Spring frolics

Spring frolics

Young lambs play on a Hertfordshire hillside
Mike Carroll | Heads down, grub up

Heads down, grub up

Young lambs eating grass on a Hertfordshire farm
Mike Carroll | Spring Lambs

Spring Lambs

Two young lambs on a Hertfordshire farm
Mike Carroll | Spring lamb

Spring lamb

Young spring lamb on Hertfordshire farm
Mike Carroll | Watchful Tiger

Watchful Tiger

Beautiful tiger at A zoo in southern England