Animals and Birds

Elvia Worrall | Ducks in a Row

Ducks in a Row

Mallard Female and ducklings
Elvia Worrall | Arctic Tern Resting

Arctic Tern Resting

Picture taken of an Arctic Tern resting on the hand rail of a boat at anchor in Scotland.
Elvia Worrall | Nibbles


Red squirrel in Formby National Trust woods near Liverpool
Elvia Worrall | Stonechat on tree stump

Stonechat on tree stump

Stonechat sitting on tree stump in the Algarve, Portugal
Elvia Worrall | Arctic Tern Displaying

Arctic Tern Displaying

Photo of an Arctic Tern perched on a boat hand rail and displaying to other Terns.
Elvia Worrall | Highland Calf

Highland Calf

A contented looking Highland calf taken on the Island of Kerrara, Oban, Scotland.
Elvia Worrall | Rocky Robin

Rocky Robin

Close up of a Robin Red Breast standing on a rock.
Elvia Worrall | Spring Lamb

Spring Lamb

A sunny photo of a Dorset Lamb