Beautiful Flowers

Susan Snow | A field of Delphiniums

A field of Delphiniums

A field of different coloured Delphiniums.
Susan Snow | Beautiful Poppies

Beautiful Poppies

Poppies in a beautiful wild flower patch.
Susan Snow | Purple Crocus

Purple Crocus

Crocuses with a hint of more in the distance.
Susan Snow | Springtime Poppy

Springtime Poppy

Poppy with background colours complimenting it.
Susan Snow | A Garden full of Daisies

A Garden full of Daisies

Beautiful daisies in my garden.
Susan Snow | Cotswolds Bluebell Wood

Cotswolds Bluebell Wood

Beautiful bluebells in Queens Wood, Cheltenham.
Susan Snow | Teasel seed heads

Teasel seed heads

The brown, oval, spiky seed heads of the teasel, lit by the Sun on a colourful background.
Susan Snow | Hazy Daisies

Hazy Daisies

Pretty daisies taken with a wide aperture to create beautiful foreground and background blur.
Susan Snow | Sunlit Daffodil

Sunlit Daffodil

A beautiful Narcissus 'Birma' daffodil just before sunset.
Susan Snow | Peach Rose

Peach Rose

A very pretty rose with a lovely fragrance.
Susan Snow | Cheltenham Bluebell Wood

Cheltenham Bluebell Wood

Stunning bluebells at Queens Woods in Cheltenham.