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Susan Snow | Thirsty Flamingo

Thirsty Flamingo

A Greater Flamingo re-hydrating on a summer's day.
Susan Snow | Baby Chilean Flamingo

Baby Chilean Flamingo

Cute baby flamingo practicing at standing on one leg!
Susan Snow | Prairie Dog lunch time

Prairie Dog lunch time

A sweet prairie dog having a little snack.
Susan Snow | Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog

A gorgeous prairie dog gazing thoughtfully!
Susan Snow | Alligator in Georgia, America

Alligator in Georgia, America

An alligator against the reflections of trees.
Susan Snow | Emu


A gorgeous, mischievous emu posing perfectly for me.
Susan Snow | Greater Flamingo

Greater Flamingo

Greater flamingo posing perfectly!
Susan Snow | Feral Pigeon

Feral Pigeon

A beautiful feral pigeon posing perfectly.
Susan Snow | Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog

A gorgeous prairie dog posing perfectly.
Susan Snow | A Resting Greater Flamingo

A Resting Greater Flamingo

A Greater flamingo taking a rest from its busy day.
Susan Snow | Cheltenham Cygnet

Cheltenham Cygnet

One of 4 cygnets at Pittville Park in Cheltenham.
Susan Snow | Greater Flamingos

Greater Flamingos

A stunning gathering of Greater Flamingos.