Birds and other animals

Susan Snow | Tree Nymph Butterfly on a Flower

Tree Nymph Butterfly on a Flower

A gorgeous butterfly on a pretty, yellow flower.
Susan Snow | Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog

This gorgeous prairie dog was posing for me perfectly when I took this.
Susan Snow | Alligator in Georgia, USA

Alligator in Georgia, USA

This Alligator was in a pond only about 5 meters from where I was standing as this beautiful swamp, it was amazing!
Susan Snow | Cheltenham Cygnet

Cheltenham Cygnet

There are two resident swans at my local park, Pittville Park in Cheltenham, and they gave birth to 4 gorgeous cygnets in 2018. This photograph is of one of these 4.
Susan Snow | Thirsty Flamingo

Thirsty Flamingo

A Greater Flamingo re-hydrating on a hot summer's day.
Susan Snow | Prairie Dog lunch time

Prairie Dog lunch time

A sweet prairie dog having a little snack.
Susan Snow | Greater Flamingo

Greater Flamingo

This gorgeous Greater flamingo was posing perfectly for this photograph!
Susan Snow | Feral Pigeon

Feral Pigeon

This beautiful feral pigeon was posing perfectly for me.
Susan Snow | Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog

A gorgeous prairie dog gazing thoughtfully!
Susan Snow | Baby Chilean Flamingo

Baby Chilean Flamingo

This gorgeous baby flamingo was practicing at being an adult by standing on one leg!
Susan Snow | A Resting Greater Flamingo

A Resting Greater Flamingo

A gorgeous Greater flamingo taking a rest from its busy day.
Susan Snow | Ammonite at South Cerney

Ammonite at South Cerney

I found this ammonite while fossil hunting in a quarry at South Cerney in the Cotswolds.