Abstract and Floral

Janet Burdon | Poppy Fantasy

Poppy Fantasy

An abstract image of a poppy
Janet Burdon | Poppies and Oxeye Daiseys

Poppies and Oxeye Daiseys

A lone poppy in a field of oxeye daiseys
Janet Burdon | Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a stout, biennial or annual plant that grows up to one metre tall and has a branched, stem. This wild edible takes two years to complete the growing cycle. It is best known as having a unique shaped flower and leaves that are somewhat prickly to the touch if not careful. Each milk thistle flower can produce almost 200 seeds, with an average of 6,350 seeds per plant per year.
Janet Burdon | Crocuses


A shallow depth field image of crocuses giving a soft, dreamy effect.
Janet Burdon | Rose


A soft focus, close up image of a rose flower
Janet Burdon | Ox-Eye Daiseys

Ox-Eye Daiseys

A soft, surreal take on Ox-Eye Daisies