Kaye Menner | Earth Moon And Beyond

Earth Moon And Beyond

Our beautiful plant Earth and our Moon made to appear as if they were viewed in space from a spaceship. I have always been interested in astronomy, so I do enjoy making artistic impressions from my photographs. The image of the moon was an older capture of mine, and the image of earth I recently captured at the Vivid Sydney festival, June 2018. A huge globe of the earth was suspended from a very high ceiling at the Sydney Passenger Terminal. Transcript from Vivid Sydney special newspaper 2018: At the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Sydney, experience Earth, which melds detailed NASA imagery of the Earth's surface with a haunting cosmic soundscape. It will give you that same sense of awe and wonder experienced by astronauts as they viewed our planet from outer space over 50 years ago.
Kaye Menner | Intergalactic Space

Intergalactic Space

My artistic impression of what space may look like, photographed at my home with the use of oil and water and sunlight to help bring out the colors.
Kaye Menner | Intergalactic Space 3

Intergalactic Space 3

I set up and photographed this image to resemble what it may look like in space. Lots of planets and bright colors in this cosmos style image. An actual photograph of oil floating on water with surrounding colors for effects during the photoshoot. My artistic impression of space.
Kaye Menner | Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon Sydney 26May2021

Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon Sydney 26May2021

My photography of the Total lunar eclipse, blood moon / super moon visible from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on 26th May 2021. ** The moon rose in the East (bottom right corner) and proceeded in a westerly direction. A total lunar eclipse occurred on 26 May 2021. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves into the Earth's shadow. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are exactly or very closely aligned with Earth between the other two, which can only happen at a full moon. The eclipsed moon appeared as a faint red disk in the sky due to a small amount of light being refracted through the earth's atmosphere; this appearance gives a lunar eclipse hence its nickname of a Blood Moon.