Susan Tinsley | Blossom haze

Blossom haze

Pink blossom from a flowering cherry tree in Spring given a hazy dreamy effect.
Susan Tinsley | Bursting into bloom

Bursting into bloom

Apple blossom bursting into bloom heralds the start of Spring and the promise of a bumper crop later in the year. Image given a faded effect.
Susan Tinsley |  Blue Iris

Blue Iris

A blue iris in bloom during Spring. The finish of the image was done by adding a glow to it to make it look electric and with a black background.
Susan Tinsley | Light and shadows

Light and shadows

Light and shadows cast across the bluebells covering the fells at Rannerdale Knotts near Buttermere in the Lake District. Crummock Water is seen in the distance.
Susan Tinsley | Poppies


A collection of poppies given a textured and painted appearance.
Susan Tinsley | Blaze of purple

Blaze of purple

A blaze of purple from a row of spring flowering rhododendrons reflected in a pond on an estate in Parbold,Lancashire,England.