kelvin rumsby | garden mouse

garden mouse

a mouse living under the bird feeders in the garden
kelvin rumsby | damselfly


a damselfly on a blade of grass
kelvin rumsby | dragonfly


a dragonfly resting on post in eastern Cyprus
kelvin rumsby | robber fly with pray

robber fly with pray

a robber fly with its dead pray
kelvin rumsby | exotic butterfly

exotic butterfly

an exotic butterfly on a leaf
kelvin rumsby | Garden mouse2

Garden mouse2

a mouse living in the garden under the bird feeders
kelvin rumsby | poison dart frog

poison dart frog

a poison dart frog on the moss
kelvin rumsby | foraging wasp

foraging wasp

a macro of a wasp foraging on a plant
kelvin rumsby | orchids


orchids in Gran Canaria
kelvin rumsby | wolf spider

wolf spider

a wolf spider in thick vegitation
kelvin rumsby | grasshopper


macro of a small grasshopper on a twig
kelvin rumsby | lily


inner macro of a lily flower
kelvin rumsby | pitcher plant

pitcher plant

pitcher plant in eden project tropical biome
kelvin rumsby | fuchsia


twin fuchsias together