coast and castles

Jacovos Jacovou | Warwick Castle at sunset

Warwick Castle at sunset

A lady from Australia, was on a boating holiday, and needed help in gettig the boat back to the hire company, while i was helping her i explained what i did she asked if i had an image of a castle with the sunsetting behind it i hadnt at the time, a week later i happend to be going by Warwick, not only did she like the image it brought back memoeries of her childhood she had visited Warwick Castle many times as a child.
Jacovos Jacovou | Lovers Stroll

Lovers Stroll

A lovers stroll along a stony beach in Great Yarmouth
Jacovos Jacovou | Warwick Castle B/W

Warwick Castle B/W

Warwick Castle converted colour to B/W Taken while on my boat travels