kelvin rumsby | singing pig

singing pig

a shot of a pig trying to sing
kelvin rumsby | the king

the king

a male lions face shot
kelvin rumsby | fox in a box

fox in a box

a fox in a box
kelvin rumsby | Mr Bull

Mr Bull

a large bull in a Cornish field
kelvin rumsby | male lion

male lion

male lion proudly looking out of an old land rover cab, i wonder what happened to the original occupants
kelvin rumsby | relaxing tiger

relaxing tiger

tiger relaxing after feeding
kelvin rumsby | red deer doe

red deer doe

a portrait of a red deer doe
kelvin rumsby | highland cow

highland cow

highland cow in Cornwall
kelvin rumsby | happy cows

happy cows

a bunch of happy looking cows
kelvin rumsby | wild dartmoor ponies

wild dartmoor ponies

two wild Dartmoor ponies posing for photo
kelvin rumsby | otter closeup

otter closeup

a closeup of an otter
kelvin rumsby | tiger portrait

tiger portrait

a closeup shot of a tigers face
kelvin rumsby | lone sheep

lone sheep

a lone sheep looking down