Lake District

Mary Fletcher | Side Pike

Side Pike

Side Pike is a beautiful mountain above Blea Tarn and opposite the Langdale Pikes. Here it is shrouded in mist which is indicative of the changing and unpredictable weather in the Lake District.
Mary Fletcher | Blea Tarn Cumbria

Blea Tarn Cumbria

Blea Tarn is in the Langdale Valley, Lake District, Cumbria. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the area and nestles between Side Pike and the Langdale Pikes.
Mary Fletcher | Blea Tarn Reflections

Blea Tarn Reflections

Blea Tarn is a small lake near Langdale in the Lake District, Cumbria. This beautiful lake can be accessed by road and from there you can walk all the way around it. It is one of the most beautiful of all the tarns in the Lake District, certainly one of my favourites!
Mary Fletcher | Dramatic Lake District

Dramatic Lake District

Dramatic skies are a common feature of the Lake District, here the sun was out, but the skies threatened rain. The weather can change very quickly here.
Mary Fletcher | Still Waters Run Deep

Still Waters Run Deep

This is what makes the Lake District really special, there a numerous lakes and tarns to discover, many of which sit at the foot of the Pikes and fells for which the Lakes District is so well known.
Mary Fletcher | Pooley Bridge

Pooley Bridge

Pooley bridge stood from 1764 as shown here until being washed away in floods in December 2015. The bridge straddles the River Eamont at the northern end of Ullswater.,
Mary Fletcher | Raven on Ullswater

Raven on Ullswater

The MY Raven is a passenger vessel operating for Ullswater 'Steamers' on the lake of Ullswater in the English Lake District, where she has spent her entire working life. She was built in 1889 as a steam vessel, but converted to diesel power in 1934.
Mary Fletcher | Haverthwaite Railway Station

Haverthwaite Railway Station

Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway was originally a branch line of the Furness Railway and carried passengers and freight from Lakeside to Ulverston and Barrow, then south to Lancashire. This was closed by British Rail in the 1960’s, and now the only part remaining is the 3.5 miles from Haverthwaite, through Newby Bridge to the terminus at Lakeside.
Mary Fletcher | After the Rain, Ullswater

After the Rain, Ullswater

A lone tree grows on the banks of Ullswater Lake in the Lake District, Cumbria. An area of outstanding natural beauty the weather is fickle, ever changing which is what makes the Lake District such a special place.
Mary Fletcher | Coniston Water, Cumbria

Coniston Water, Cumbria

Coniston Water is about five miles long and half a mile wide. Above its western shore, the mountain of the Old Man of Coniston towers above the lake and the village. There are a number of wooden jetty where boats can tie up. Three are some spectacular walks around the lake.
Mary Fletcher | Fork in the Brook

Fork in the Brook

One of the many streams in the Lake District that flow through the woodlands of this beautiful natural countryside.
Mary Fletcher | Yew Tree Tarn

Yew Tree Tarn

Beautiful Yewtree Tarn in Yewdale is dominated by a stately clump of ancient yews, is the most easily accessed of the Lakeland Tarns as the road from Coniston to Ambleside goes right by it.
Mary Fletcher | Yew Tree Tarn

Yew Tree Tarn

Yew Tree Tarn is a small lake in the English Lake District situated in between the towns of Ambleside and Coniston. The tarn was formed when the local landowner dammed the Yewdale Beck in the 1930s.
Mary Fletcher | Pools of Light, Lake District

Pools of Light, Lake District

A big sky over the fells of the Lake District, breaks in the clouds produce wonderful pools of light over the moorland.
Mary Fletcher | Lakeland Views

Lakeland Views

This lovely landscape depicts the green pastures merging with the fells and pikes in the Lake District.
Mary Fletcher | Valley View

Valley View

Beautiful light shines on the valley with the rolling mist coming over the fells behind. In this image you can see why walkers can lose their way out on the fells.
Mary Fletcher | Lake District in Autumn

Lake District in Autumn

The Lake District is stunning in Autumn, the light is so magical!
Mary Fletcher | Coniston Water, Cumbria

Coniston Water, Cumbria

Coniston Water in Cumbria is the third largest lake in the English Lake District. It is five miles long by half a mile wide, has a maximum depth of 184 feet. It drains to the sea via the River Crake. Coniston water was where Donald Campbell was killed trying to break the world speed record.
Mary Fletcher | Langdale Valley

Langdale Valley

The Langdale Valley lies in the heart of the Lake District. This rugged landscape depicts all that the Lake District stnads for, the dry stone walls, rough paths, wind blown trees and dark farm builidngs all make this beautiful countyside so popular with tourists.
Mary Fletcher | Lonely Tree

Lonely Tree

A lone tree stands in a field in the Langdale Valley.
Mary Fletcher | Lakeland Fells

Lakeland Fells

Dry stone walls, bracken and rocky fells are the signature of the Lake District in Cumbria.
Mary Fletcher | Rainbow in the Valley

Rainbow in the Valley

Blea Tarn, is in a hanging valley between Little Langdale and the larger Great Langdale to the north, here rainbow crosses over the beautiful valley from one side to the other.