Mary Fletcher | Ladder and Cloth

Ladder and Cloth

A simple yet colourful image of an old wooden step ladder and colourful Caribbean cloth against a blue wall.
Mary Fletcher | 70 kg Net

70 kg Net

A lovely bright image which just reminds me of the Caribbean!
Mary Fletcher | Old Bicycle

Old Bicycle

An old bike abandoned amongst colourful flowers.
Mary Fletcher | Scarecrow


An interesting image of a scarecrow made out of recycled clothes and an old container for a face.
Mary Fletcher | Uh Oh!

Uh Oh!

A fun digital art image of a frog to make you smile!
Mary Fletcher | Bathtime!


Froggy bathtime a digital painting and a fun image!
Mary Fletcher | Smile and the World Smiles with you!

Smile and the World Smiles with you!

A digital painting of a fun smiling frog - this would brighten anyones day!
Mary Fletcher | North West Wind

North West Wind

A windvane sporting an iconic vehicle, the landrover, caputred in the evening light in Devon. Sky replacement used in Photoshop.