Pete Lawless | The Groves Chester

The Groves Chester

An image of an area Known Locally as The Groves in Chester. The River Dee runs through Chester and this is a popular area with both Locals and tourists. You can take a boat trip along the river from this location. This image is the picture for November in the Cheshire Life 2018 Calendar.
Pete Lawless | Eastgate Clock Chester

Eastgate Clock Chester

Eastgate Clock Chester City Centre. The Clock was presented to the City by Edward Evans-Lloyd Citizen and Freeman 1897
Pete Lawless | Eastgate Street Chester

Eastgate Street Chester

Chester City Centre
Pete Lawless | The Groves Bandstand

The Groves Bandstand

A popular area of Chester for visitors and tourists. Bands often use the bandstand to perform and entertain the crowds. Boat trips can b taken on the Lady Diana and Mark Twain boats that you can see in the image.
Pete Lawless | Chester Boats River Dee

Chester Boats River Dee

The Lady Diana and Mark Twain reflecting in the still River Dee at Sunrise at The Groves Chester.