Chris Lord | Carmine Street

Carmine Street

Carmine Street is an Italian influenced (got pizza?) city block in the Greenwich Village district of New York City, here photographed on a warm sunny day with an extreme wide angle lens
Chris Lord | Four Miles Of Light

Four Miles Of Light

The one night a year September 11th memorial lights reach four miles into the sky above the Island of Manhattan, New York City in this classic shot from Brooklyn's newest park.
Chris Lord | Snowstorm On 42nd Street

Snowstorm On 42nd Street

It's winter on East 42nd Street and the Chrysler Building can barely be made out through the snow
Chris Lord | April Snow Showers Over Manhattan

April Snow Showers Over Manhattan

A surprise April snowstorm almost hides the Empire State Building in this photograph of New York City taken at The Top Of The Rock
Chris Lord | Blue Moon Rising

Blue Moon Rising

The Blue Moon peeks through the gathering clouds as it rises over New York City close to the Empire State Building
Chris Lord | City Of Gold

City Of Gold

An evening time long exposure image of Lower Manhattan captured from across the East River in Brooklyn Bridge Park
Chris Lord | Saturday Night In Coney Island

Saturday Night In Coney Island

Fireworks light up the night sky above Famous Nathan's the quintessential Hot-Dog Emporium on Surf Avenue in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York City
Chris Lord | Winter Romance

Winter Romance

A young couple huddle under an umbrella in the middle of a heavy snowstorm by the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City
Chris Lord | Fishing In The Catskills

Fishing In The Catskills

Two fishing boats enjoy the early morning atmosphere on a peaceful lake in Upstate New York's Catskill Mountains
Chris Lord | Afternoon In Chinatown

Afternoon In Chinatown

Walking on Mott Street in New York City's busy Chinatown around sunset time
Chris Lord | The Brooklyn Bridge At Night

The Brooklyn Bridge At Night

A long exposure monochrome capture of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan side at night.
Chris Lord | Bad Weather In Chinatown

Bad Weather In Chinatown

A rainy view through a hole in the fence on the Manhattan Bridge down East Broadway towards New York City's Municipal Building
Chris Lord | Brooklyn Bridge Webs

Brooklyn Bridge Webs

One of the towers of the Brooklyn Bridge along with the many support cables and wire devices to stop climbers in a contemporary textured image.
Chris Lord | Factory Falls

Factory Falls

A long exposure photograph of this pretty waterfall in Child's Park, Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area, USA
Chris Lord | One Enchanted Evening

One Enchanted Evening

A view from Brooklyn Bridge Park over the East River at sunset with Lower Manhattan and the New York City Skyline in the background
Chris Lord | A Peaceful Morning In The Catskills

A Peaceful Morning In The Catskills

Lovely early winter morning view over a lake in the upstate New York area around the Catskill Mountains
Chris Lord | Central Park Sunset

Central Park Sunset

The golden glow of sunset illuminates this tree framed Central Park scene looking towards the upper west side of Manhattan and the Eldorado apartment building reflected in the Jaqueline Onassis Reservoir