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David McHutchison | Petrified Forest

Petrified Forest

This is, in fact, a sand pattern from my favourite location for these. This particular beach has everything that helps to form such patterns freshly, twice every day, so each visit will be unique. A shallow sandy beach, a stream running through it and, most importantly, two colours of sand combine to create an enormous variety of patterns. Some of the most common patterns are formed by tiny rivulets on a receding tide, leaving behind what (with very little imagination) look like trees. Here I have simply used some washes of colour in the processing to further enhance the idea of a petrified forest.
David McHutchison | Heilan' Coo Grazing

Heilan' Coo Grazing

Highland Cow grazing outside of Elgol
David McHutchison | Grey Seal

Grey Seal

Although seen in a harbour, this is not a Harbour (or Common) Seal but a Grey Seal. This one was particularly curious, surfacing right next to a boat that about a dozen of us were boarding, and it hung around for quite a while in spite of drawing our attention. We could only wonder what it thought of our bunch of humans!