London, UK

Mary Fletcher | London Landmarks

London Landmarks

These buildings old and new sit along the bank of the River Thames and form part of the famous London skyline.
Mary Fletcher | London Town

London Town

I love the old and new architecture in London. The glass building looks just like a mobile phone! 20 Fenchurch Street is a commercial skyscraper in London that takes its name from its address on Fenchurch Street, in the historic City of London financial district. It has been nicknamed 'The Walkie-Talkie' because of its distinctive shape.
Mary Fletcher | London Town

London Town

London taken from one side of the River Thames showing the diverse architecture of modern London.
Mary Fletcher | London Eye

London Eye

The London Eye towers above the River in Thames. It is popluar with tourists who can take in stunning views of London from high above.
Mary Fletcher | London from the Thames

London from the Thames

The beauty of old and new lines the iconic banks of the River Thames in London. Fabulous architecture both old and new makes this a truly wonderful city to visit.
Mary Fletcher | Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge in London built between 1886 and 1894. The bridge crosses the River Thames close to the Tower of London and has become an iconic symbol of London. Because of this, Tower Bridge is sometimes confused with London Bridge, situated some half a mile upstream.
Mary Fletcher | City of London

City of London

City of London School sits on the banks of the River Thames close to St Pauls Cathedral. City Cruises carries passengers up and down the river in their small ships. On the right you can see one of London’s most iconic bridges, the Millenium Bridge. On the left a plane flying into Heathrow Airport.
Mary Fletcher | Millenium Bridge

Millenium Bridge

The pedestrian-only Millennium Bridge opened to the public in 2000, linking St Paul's Cathedral on the north bank of the Thames with Tate Modern and Shakespeare's Globe in Southwark. The footbridge’s famous tremor has now been fixed, but the “wobbly bridge” nickname endures.
Mary Fletcher | Under the Millenium Bridge

Under the Millenium Bridge

An unusual view of the Millenium Bridge. The Millenium Bridge is also known as the “wobbly bridge”, but it has since been “fixed”. It spans the River Thames from the Tate Modern to St Pauls Cathedral