Rivers, Canals and Waterways

Mary Fletcher | Prins Clausbrug Bridge

Prins Clausbrug Bridge

Two Dutch barges pass underneath the Prins Clausbrug Bridge, Utrecht. The bridge is a cable-stayed bridge and connects the city districts Papendorp and Kanaleneiland. The bridge opened in 2003.
Mary Fletcher | The Gatekeepers Cottage

The Gatekeepers Cottage

This gatekeepers cottage is now uninhabited, it is on the Oxford Canal near Banbury. The Oxford Canal is still used for narrow boats and just around the corner is a delightful campsite called the Pig Place.
Mary Fletcher | Kayaks on the Bude Canal

Kayaks on the Bude Canal

Kayaks lie ashore on the Bude Canal during the winter. One kayaker braves the chilly but beautiful sunny day to go for a paddle on the calm water.
Mary Fletcher | Bude Canal

Bude Canal

The Bude Canal was a canal built to serve the hilly hinterland in the Devon and Cornwall border territory in the United Kingdom, chiefly to bring lime-bearing sand for agricultural fertiliser. The Bude Canal system was one of the most unusual in Britain. It was remarkable in using inclined planes to haul tub boats on wheels to the upper levels. There were only two conventional locks, in the short broad canal section near the sea at Bude itself. It had a total extent of 35 miles, and it rose from sea level to an altitude of 433 feet
Mary Fletcher | Ancient and Modern

Ancient and Modern

Bristol harbour showing the diversity of the city with its old and modern architecture. Two boats are moored alongside the quay wall back to back. Bristol harbour is a very old harbour which is now home to modern sailing and pleasure vessels.
Mary Fletcher | Blue Boat, Blue Sky

Blue Boat, Blue Sky

A small boat moored on a tributary of the River Severn close to the Bristol channel. These small tributaries are a safe haven for small boats away from the rough water of the channel.
Mary Fletcher | Peaceful Moorings

Peaceful Moorings

A small boat moored peacefully up a small tributary of the Bristol Channel
Mary Fletcher | Lock Number Fifteen

Lock Number Fifteen

Lock number 15 on the Northampton Canal Arm was opened in 1815 and linked The Grand Central Canal at Gayton Junction - via the River Nene - to Peterborough and The Wash.
Mary Fletcher | Grand Union Canal

Grand Union Canal

Lock number 15 on the Grand Union Canal, Northamptonshire. In the distance you can see the iconic lift tower.
Mary Fletcher | IS & IJ Jameison

IS & IJ Jameison

The narrowboat IS & IJ Jameison. moored alongside the Woodland Walk on the Grand Union Canal, Northamptonshire on a winters day
Mary Fletcher | Indian Chief

Indian Chief

The Boat Inn, a canalside free house, with a narrow boat called the Indian Chief moored in front, Stoke Bruerne, Northamptonshire, England, UK
Mary Fletcher | Winter on the Grand Union Canal

Winter on the Grand Union Canal

Colourful narrowboats moored alongside near the canal shop on the Grand Union Canal. The area is smoke filled as the fires on board are lit to ward off the chill of the winter.