Mike Carroll | Queen's Lane, Cambridge B&W

Queen's Lane, Cambridge B&W

Black and white image of the angular chimneys in Queen's Lane, Cambridge
Mike Carroll | Rose Crescent, Cambridge

Rose Crescent, Cambridge

Black and White image of Rose Crescent in Cambridge
Mike Carroll | Durgan


The Helford River in Cornwall near Durgan
Mike Carroll | Brograve Mill, Norfolk

Brograve Mill, Norfolk

The abandoned wreck of Brograve Mill stands guard over the reed beds in the Norfolk Broads
Mike Carroll | Reach for the Sky

Reach for the Sky

The World Trade Centre Buildings in downtown Denver, Colorado
Mike Carroll | Denver Central Library (1)

Denver Central Library (1)

This modernistic building is the Central Library in Denver Colorado
Mike Carroll | Rocamadour


A view looking up the rock cliffs of Rocamadour in France
Mike Carroll | Aqua Luna in Hong Kong harbour

Aqua Luna in Hong Kong harbour

The tourist boat Aqua Luna on a pleasure cruise round Hong Kong Harbour
Mike Carroll | Reynisfjara Rock Stacks

Reynisfjara Rock Stacks

Waves crash against the rock stacks at the black-sand beach of Reynisfjara in southern Iceland
Mike Carroll | Stormy day at Kirkjufell, south-west Iceland

Stormy day at Kirkjufell, south-west Iceland

Waterfalls near the iconic Kirkjufell mountain in South-west Iceland ar buffeted by gale force spring winds
Mike Carroll | The Dancing House, Prague

The Dancing House, Prague

A night-time long exposure shot of the iconic Dancing House building in Prague, also known as Fred and Ginger
Mike Carroll | City of London at Night

City of London at Night

A long exposure view of the City of London at night showing the large amount of construction in progress during 2018. Image includes the Walkie Talkie and Gherkin buildings
Mike Carroll | Regent Street Light Trails

Regent Street Light Trails

A busy evening in London's Regent Street, just before Christmas
Mike Carroll | Boat Graveyard, Pin Mill, Suffolk

Boat Graveyard, Pin Mill, Suffolk

Abandoned and decaying boats on the River Orwell at Pin Mill near Ipswich. There are many house boats and abandoned wrecks on a short stretch of the river near the village.
Mike Carroll | Grey Heron at Rye Meads 1

Grey Heron at Rye Meads 1

Grey Heron with fish just caught at RSPB Rye Meads
Mike Carroll | Short Eared Owl

Short Eared Owl

Short eared owl photographed in Essex, UK